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The description of Talk It!

Talk It!, also known as TalkAny, is a robust text-to-speech program designed for Windows systems. It stands out for its efficient text-to-speech capabilities and is particularly notable for its versatility. The interface of Talk It! may initially seem complex, but it is designed to accommodate both casual users and those who require advanced features.

What can Talk It! be used for?

Talk It! serves as a multipurpose tool that can convert text into spoken words. It can be employed for educational purposes, aiding in language learning, and assisting individuals with reading disabilities. Additionally, it's a fun application for voice experimentation, allowing users to play with different sounds and pitches.

Talk It! Tricks & Tips

Getting the most out of Talk It! involves experimenting with its various settings. You can change the speech rate to suit your listening preferences, use it to read out documents while you multitask, or even create WAV files from the spoken text to use in other projects. For those interested in voice acting or storytelling, Talk It! offers an array of voices and modulation options to bring characters to life.

Benefits & Features

  • Versatile text-to-speech conversion
  • Multiple voice options
  • Adjustable speech rate and pitch
  • Simple interface for ease of use
  • Ability to save spoken text as audio files
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Great tool for learning and accessibility


  • Enhances accessibility for reading-impaired users
  • Supports a variety of voices and languages
  • Useful for multitasking and productivity
  • Interactive and educational for language learners


  • Interface may be initially overwhelming
  • Limited by the quality of synthesized voices
  • May not integrate with all modern Windows features

Final Words

Talk It! is a dynamic and useful tool for anyone in need of a text-to-speech program. It is especially beneficial for educational purposes, accessibility, and entertainment. While its interface may require a learning curve, the variety of features makes it a worthwhile investment for users seeking a comprehensive text-to-speech solution.


Is Talk It! compatible with all Windows versions?
While it was designed for earlier Windows systems, some users have managed to run it on more recent versions with varying degrees of success.

Can Talk It! read text from any application?
Talk It! generally works with text that can be copied and pasted into its interface but may not directly integrate with other applications.

Is Talk It! suitable for professional voiceover work?
While it offers a range of voices and customization, the synthetic nature of the voices may not meet professional voiceover standards.
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