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The description of Serif PagePlus

Serif PagePlus is a versatile desktop publishing application that allows users to create a range of professional-looking documents such as ads, brochures, cards, newsletters, and more. The software comes equipped with helpful wizards for tasks like brochure design, table of contents creation, and mail merge operations. It offers full support for professional printing, ensuring high-quality output for all your projects. Serif PagePlus is known for its advanced yet user-friendly formatting features that empower users to craft sophisticated documents without a steep learning curve. Notably, the software is available for free, albeit with a requirement for registration, and it has garnered many awards, evidence of its effectiveness and popularity amongst users.

What can Serif PagePlus be used for?

With Serif PagePlus, individuals and small businesses have a powerful tool for creating a wide array of document types. It's particularly useful for designing marketing materials such as advertisements and brochures, as well as personalized stationery like greeting cards and invitations. The application is also well-suited for compiling newsletters and reports, thanks to its comprehensive layout and design features. For those looking to engage in direct mail campaigns, PagePlus simplifies the process with its mail merge functionality.

Serif PagePlus Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of Serif PagePlus, users can employ various tricks and tips. Learning keyboard shortcuts can drastically speed up the design process. Utilizing the built-in templates not only provides a quick starting point but also ensures that design principles are adhered to. Mastering the use of layers can be a game-changer for complex document designs, allowing for better organization and editing of individual elements. Additionally, exploring the color management tools will ensure that printed documents look exactly as intended.

Benefits & Features

  • Create professional ads, brochures, cards, and newsletters with ease
  • Access to helpful wizards for common tasks like brochure creation and mail merge
  • Full support for professional printing standards
  • Advanced formatting features that remain easy to use
  • Free to use with registration
  • Recipient of multiple industry awards


  • No cost for software with free registration
  • Award-winning application with proven reliability
  • Beginner-friendly with access to various helpful wizards
  • Professional printing support ensures high-quality document output


  • Registration is required to access the free version
  • May not have all the advanced features of high-end publishing software

Serif PagePlus stands out as a formidable desktop publishing tool that strikes a balance between advanced features and user accessibility. It's particularly advantageous for small businesses or individuals looking to produce polished documents without the cost associated with premium software. While it may not have every high-end feature some professionals require, it certainly holds its own in the realm of document creation and design.


Is Serif PagePlus suitable for professional print projects?
Yes, PagePlus provides full support for professional printing, ensuring that your documents can be printed to a high standard.

Can you use Serif PagePlus for mail merge tasks?
Yes, the software includes a mail merge wizard that simplifies the process of creating personalized documents for a mailing list.

Is there a cost associated with using Serif PagePlus?
Serif PagePlus is free to use, but requires users to register to access the software.
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