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The description of Karaoke Mixer

Karaoke Mixer is a versatile software designed specifically for music enthusiasts and singers who wish to mix their recorded voice with karaoke background tracks. Compatible with Windows, this tool supports a range of audio formats, including midi, kar, mp3, and ogg for background music, and wav for the recorded voice. Users can effortlessly blend their vocal tracks with their chosen music, perfecting the mix with an array of powerful sound settings.

What can Karaoke Mixer be used for?

Whether you're a professional singer practicing for a performance or a karaoke aficionado looking to create high-quality recordings from the comfort of your home, Karaoke Mixer serves as your personal sound engineer. It's ideal for crafting unique covers, rehearsing for gigs, or simply having fun experimenting with different soundscapes and vocal effects.

Karaoke Mixer Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of Karaoke Mixer, familiarize yourself with the sound settings. Adjust the volume, balance, bass, and treble to suit your voice and the particular song. Experiment with the tone adjustment for the background track to match your vocal range. Don't forget to play around with the special audio effects to add a touch of flair to your recorded voice, and try out the 14 predefined sound presets to find the perfect vibe for your track.

Benefits & Features

  • Supports multiple audio formats: midi, kar, mp3, ogg, and wav
  • Independent volume, balance, bass, and treble controls
  • Ability to change the tone of the background music
  • Special audio effects for enhancing the recorded voice
  • Selection of 14 sound presets for quick sound adjustments


  • Intuitive user interface suitable for all skill levels
  • Advanced sound customization options
  • Real-time mixing capabilities
  • No need for additional hardware


  • May require a learning curve for complete audio novices
  • Limited to Windows OS; not available for Mac or Linux users

For those who love to sing and mix their own tracks, Karaoke Mixer is a comprehensive tool that offers the freedom to create professional-sounding karaoke sessions. The software is both robust and user-friendly, boasting features that cater to both new and experienced users.


Can Karaoke Mixer be used for live performances?
Yes, with its real-time mixing capabilities, you can use Karaoke Mixer during live performances to blend your voice with background tracks seamlessly.

Does the software allow saving the final mix in different formats?
While you can use various formats for the background track, the final mix is exported as an mp3 file, which is compatible with most devices and players.

Is there customer support available for Karaoke Mixer?
Yes, customer support is available should you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the software's features.
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