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The description of Pelles C

Pelles C is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a complete toolkit for those looking to develop applications in C. Tailored specifically for Windows, it includes all the necessary components such as a C compiler, macro assembler, linker, resource compiler, and a range of other useful tools. The package also features a robust IDE complete with project management capabilities, visual resource editors, and an integrated debugger that supports both X86 and ARM architectures, with a separate download offered for X64.

What can Pelles C be used for?

Pelles C is a versatile tool designed for programmers who are developing software in the C language. It can be used for creating Windows applications, static libraries, and DLLs. It is particularly useful for low-level programming and for educational purposes where understanding the intricacies of C and Windows programming is essential.

Pelles C Tricks & Tips

Maximize the use of Pelles C by exploring its advanced project management features, which allow for better organization and handling of complex projects. Utilize the visual resource editor to streamline the creation of dialog boxes and other GUI elements. Don't forget to make use of the comprehensive integrated debugger to step through your code and quickly identify issues. Additionally, the IDE's support for custom tools and add-ins can further enhance your development process.

Benefits & Features

  • Integrated Development Environment specifically designed for C programming on Windows.
  • Includes a C compiler optimized for performance and size.
  • Macro assembler, linker, and resource compiler come bundled in.
  • Visual resource editors for easier GUI design.
  • Integrated debugger supports X86 and ARM (with X64 available separately).
  • Project management tools to organize and maintain complex projects.
  • Customizable workspace to suit individual developer preferences.
  • Support for add-ins and external tools to extend functionality.
  • Free to use, making it accessible for students and hobbyists.


  • Comprehensive toolset for C development in a single package.
  • Integrated support for both X86 and ARM debugging.
  • Project management features that simplify handling large codebases.
  • User-friendly visual resource editors for interface design.
  • Free and accessible for all levels of developers.


  • Limited to Windows, not suitable for cross-platform development.
  • May not have as large a community or as many resources as other more popular IDEs.
  • Focus on C language only, which might be restrictive for those looking to work with C++ or other languages.

For developers immersed in the C programming language, Pelles C for Windows offers a targeted and robust environment equipped with all the tools needed to create, debug, and manage applications efficiently. While it may have certain limitations in terms of platform and language support, the specialized nature of Pelles C makes it an excellent choice for dedicated C development on Windows.


Is Pelles C suitable for beginners?
Yes, its integrated tools and simple IDE interface make it a good option for those just starting with C programming.

Does Pelles C support C++ development?
No, Pelles C is designed for C development and does not include a C++ compiler.

Can Pelles C be used for commercial application development?
Yes, as a free tool, Pelles C can be utilized for both personal and commercial projects.
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