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The description of Easy Flyer Creator

Designed for those in need of a quick and efficient way to create marketing materials, Easy Flyer Creator for Windows stands out as a low-cost desktop publishing software. At only $39.99, it offers an array of templates for creating flyers, brochures, leaflets, certificates, door hangers, tickets, and more. Ideal for businesses and individuals, the software is not only affordable but also extremely user-friendly, enabling users to create professional-looking materials with ease. Its interactive interface allows for simple editing and sharing of documents, facilitating a seamless design process from start to finish.

What can Easy Flyer Creator be used for?

Easy Flyer Creator is a versatile tool that can be used for a broad range of purposes. Whether it's for creating eye-catching marketing flyers for a new business, designing brochures for an upcoming event, or crafting personalized invitations or certificates, this software has it covered. Its functionality extends to producing door hangers for hotel rooms or local advertising, and even generating tickets with serial numbers for events or raffles. The software's flexibility makes it ideal for various scenarios - from corporate marketing to personal event planning.

Easy Flyer Creator Tricks & Tips

To maximize the potential of Easy Flyer Creator, here are some useful tricks and tips:

  • Customize templates by importing your own images and logos to make your design stand out.
  • Utilize the built-in ticket number feature for creating numbered tickets to streamline event organization.
  • Take advantage of the FTP and email sharing options to distribute your materials conveniently and efficiently.
  • Remember to save your custom templates for future use, saving you time on your next project.
  • Explore all the template categories to find the perfect match for your specific needs.

Benefits & Features

  • Affordable desktop publishing solution
  • Over 100 free templates for various types of marketing materials
  • Interactive interface that's easy to navigate
  • Ability to print and share documents through FTP and Email
  • Feature-rich editing tools to customize templates with text and images
  • Templates for professional flyers, brochures, and multi-fold materials
  • Built-in ticket templates with numbering capabilities
  • Free trial available to test before purchase


  • User-friendly software suitable for beginners
  • Cost-effective with a one-time purchase price
  • Wide range of templates catering to different needs
  • Customizable elements to create unique designs
  • Convenient sharing and printing options


  • Limited advanced features for professional designers
  • Template variety may not suffice for all industries
  • May not be compatible with all operating systems

Easy Flyer Creator positions itself as an accessible and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to produce marketing materials without the need for extensive graphic design experience. The software's robust template library, combined with its simple editing capabilities, makes it a practical choice for quick and easy design tasks. It is an especially valuable tool for small businesses or individuals on a budget who aim to create professional-looking materials without the hefty investment in design software or professional services.


Is Easy Flyer Creator suitable for professional print shops?
While it's designed for ease of use, print shops requiring advanced features might find it lacking in comparison to professional design software.

Can Easy Flyer Creator be used on Mac or Linux systems?
The software is primarily developed for Windows. Users of other operating systems should check compatibility or available alternatives.

Does the Easy Flyer Creator software offer customer support?
Yes, customer support is available to assist users with any issues or questions they may have regarding the software.
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