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What is Yandere Simulator?

Yandere Simulator is a popular sandbox game that parodies most anime concepts. It is significantly different from other popular games in the genre of simulators at the very beginning with a simple interface, a wide range of stealth elements, and action elements. The game allows you to influence the plot, thanks to your choices.

This game is under development and is regularly updated with new features, content, and plots.

What is the storyline of Yandere Simulator?

Yandere-Chan's main character is a high school student obsessed with senpai (from Japanese, it means "a guy you like"). She wants to make a guy fall in love with himself in pretty cruel ways. Instead of telling the guy about her sympathy, she decided to sabotage his love life. Yandere forces all competitors who try to talk to her senpai to disappear. The storyline develops along with your choices. You can make the heroine sensible or cruel.

What's interesting: here, you will not be able to achieve your goal. The game does not show too many scenes of violence, but it is not suitable for children. The game will only present various cases, but Yandere-chan did not fall in love with senpai.

What is the essence of this mobile game?

You can develop your creativity and use your imagination to the fullest. You also have the opportunity to use weapons against other girls so that the guy looks only at you. But in this case, you can not leave witnesses and other evidence of your crime. If the murder is not yours, build a temple for the sempai, collecting various items.

The unique feature of the Android version is that you don't have to be at the computer; you can play anywhere.

Graphics in Yandere Simulator

The game is made in the style of anime and looks incredibly graceful. With regular updates, the graphics get better. The details of the schedule create a general atmosphere: detailed tracking timetables, images, and testimonies of coaches and other students about the killings. You can use this to your advantage to mislead the officer.

Does Yandere Simulator have any drawbacks?

On Android, the program shows various tips for downloading third-party software. But don't worry, it's only during installation. You also need to uncheck some boxes in the installation window for good privacy. Don't forget about it, and then the game will be safe for you and without flaws, except for some advertising.

Is it worth downloading Yandere Simulator for Android?

The developers of Yandere tried on unexpected plot twists, interaction, and good graphics. You will not be bored wherever you are - in line, on the bus, in the store. However, this game is for adults, and you should not expect a cute and romantic love story. Instead, the main character is an absolute psychopath, and the game features murders, erotic insults, and behavior. Your role is to protect her from prison.


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