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Wrestling Scoreboard

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Wrestling Scoreboard Wrestling Scoreboard
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The description of Wrestling Scoreboard

Transform your PC into a virtual wrestling scoreboard with the innovative Wrestling Scoreboard software designed for Windows. This tool is perfect for scorekeeping wrestling matches in various venues, from gyms to arenas, and even multipurpose facilities. With a user-friendly mouse and keyboard interface, the software allows for seamless control of all scoreboard functions. The cost-effective and portable solution offered by Wrestling Scoreboard is a notable alternative to expensive, traditional scoreboards. Additionally, the flexibility to switch between sports using the same hardware stands out as a unique feature that fixed scoreboards cannot provide. The software operates as shareware, giving users the opportunity to try it for free before committing to purchase.

What can Wrestling Scoreboard be used for?

Wrestling Scoreboard is primarily used for keeping track of scores, team names, and time advantages during wrestling matches. Its versatility also allows it to be used across different sports, making it a multi-use tool for athletic events.

Wrestling Scoreboard Tricks & Tips

To maximize the use of Wrestling Scoreboard, familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts for quick score updates. Customize the team names and scoreboard colors before the match to save time, and take advantage of the time advantage feature by setting the color changes to correspond with the team that is leading.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy-to-use click and type interface
  • Customizable scoreboard colors for team branding
  • High visibility LED digits for clear score presentation
  • Editable team names for personalization
  • Time advantage color changes for dynamic visual cues
  • Sleek design that promotes focus on the scores


  • Intuitive interface makes operation simple
  • Adjustable colors enhance visual appeal
  • Software is shareware, allowing for a trial before purchase
  • Portable and cost-effective compared to fixed scoreboards
  • Flexible use across different sports


  • Dependent on the availability of a compatible PC and display
  • May require a learning curve for those less tech-savvy
  • Features may be limited compared to some physical scoreboards

Wrestling Scoreboard software presents a modern approach to managing and displaying scores for wrestling matches. Its affordability and adaptability make it an accessible option for a range of facilities, from school gyms to professional arenas. The software's shareware nature is a testament to its user-focused design, allowing individuals to test its capabilities prior to investing.


Is Wrestling Scoreboard compatible with all Windows versions?
The software is designed for Windows, but compatibility with all versions should be verified with the provider.

Can Wrestling Scoreboard be used for sports other than wrestling?
Yes, it has the flexibility to be used for different sports, making it a versatile tool for athletic events.

Is technical support available for Wrestling Scoreboard?
Support options are typically provided, but it's best to check with the software provider for specific details.
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