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The description of WinHide

WinHide is a utility designed for Windows users who require a quick and effective way to hide their active programs and windows from view. The software ensures that hidden applications are not shown in the Taskbar, within the Ctrl-Alt-Del list, task manager, or through the Alt+Tab navigation. Users can easily hide and restore their programs using keyboard shortcuts, the WinHide System Tray menu, or directly through the WinHide window.

What can WinHide be used for?

WinHide is particularly useful in situations where privacy is needed quickly, such as hiding work from over-the-shoulder onlookers, or when a cluttered desktop needs to be cleared in a hurry for a presentation. It's also great for keeping personal activities private when in a workspace or public area.

WinHide Tricks & Tips

To maximize the effectiveness of WinHide, users can set up custom keyboard shortcuts that align with their workflow. Being familiar with the default hotkeys can also enhance the speed at which programs can be hidden or restored. Organizing the system tray menu by prioritizing frequently used applications can make the process of hiding and revealing programs even more seamless.

Benefits & Features

  • Quickly hides active windows and programs
  • Hidden applications are not visible in the Taskbar or task manager
  • Programs cannot be accessed through Alt+Tab when hidden
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for ease of use
  • System Tray menu for convenient access
  • User-friendly interface to manage hidden windows


  • Enhances privacy by hiding windows from view instantly
  • Helps maintain a clean workspace by hiding unused applications
  • Prevents accidental program switches with Alt+Tab
  • Simple and intuitive to use with minimal learning curve


  • May not be suitable for users who require visible reminders of open applications
  • Limited functionality beyond hiding and showing windows

For users seeking an unobtrusive way to manage their desktop real estate and maintain privacy, WinHide offers a straightforward solution. With its user-friendly interface and customizable hotkeys, WinHide streamlines the process of window management without adding unnecessary complexity to the user experience.


Can WinHide hide any type of window or application?
WinHide is designed to work with most applications and windows, effectively hiding them from view.

Are the hidden applications closed or do they continue running in the background?
Hidden applications continue to run in the background and are not closed, ensuring no progress is lost.

Is WinHide secure, and can it prevent others from accessing hidden programs?
While WinHide effectively hides programs from view, it is not a security tool and does not encrypt or password-protect the hidden applications.
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