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The description of Video Grabber

TPD Video Grabber is a versatile tool that goes beyond the typical video downloader. Unlike many similar applications, it is not limited to YouTube and allows users to save videos from a wide range of websites when using popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Be it Break, eBaumsworld, national news websites like ABC, MSNBC, or even content from Google, AOL, CNN, and Fox News, TPD Video Grabber has the functionality to handle it all.

What can Video Grabber be used for?

With TPD Video Grabber, users have the freedom to download videos from virtually any website they can visit. This includes media platforms, news sites, and entertainment hubs. Whether you're looking to save instructional videos, news broadcasts, funny clips, or documentaries, TPD Video Grabber equips you with the capability to keep a local copy for offline viewing, archival purposes, or educational use.

Video Grabber Tricks & Tips

One handy feature of TPD Video Grabber is its seamless background operation. You don't need to have the program active while browsing and watching videos. Simply enjoy your browsing session, and once you're ready, open TPD Video Grabber. The software will automatically update its list with any videos you've watched, ready for you to save. Additionally, the latest version 1.5.0 offers a choice between the old and new video search methods, enhancing the program's adaptability to user experience issues.

Benefits & Features

  • Compatibility with major browsers like IE, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Support for a multitude of websites beyond YouTube
  • Automatic detection of recently viewed videos
  • Option to choose between different video search methods
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and use
  • Ability to save videos for offline access


  • Wide range of supported websites
  • No need to keep the application open while browsing
  • Intuitive automatic refresh and video detection
  • Flexibility with video search options


  • Limited to browsers like IE, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Might require troubleshooting for specific user issues

As a tool for video enthusiasts, researchers, and casual users alike, TPD Video Grabber offers a comprehensive solution for saving online videos. Its broad compatibility and easy-to-use interface make it a standout choice for those looking to download content from a variety of sources.


Can Video Grabber save videos from any website?
Yes, TPD Video Grabber works with a wide array of websites, not just YouTube. As long as you can browse the site using IE, Chrome, or Firefox, you can likely save videos from it.

Do I need to keep Video Grabber open while watching videos?
No, you can watch videos as usual, and when you open TPD Video Grabber, it will refresh and show the videos in its list automatically.

What's new in TPD Video Grabber version 1.5.0?
The latest version offers users a choice between the old and new video search methods, potentially resolving some issues users may encounter.

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