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USB Virus Scan USB Virus Scan
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The description of USB Virus Scan

USB Virus Scan serves as a robust defense mechanism specifically tailored to combat viruses that attempt to infiltrate a computer system through USB flash drives. By automatically scanning any plugged-in USB device, such as pen drives, it not only identifies but also blocks and eradicates viruses like newfolder.exe. It also has the capability to eliminate the recycler virus which can prevent drives from opening with a double click. Unlike many antivirus solutions that can only promise up to 60% protection against USB threats, USB Virus Scan boasts a full 100% protection rate.

Furthermore, this software stands out by not requiring frequent signature updates, setting it apart from other antivirus products that necessitate regular database refreshes. Designed to be lightweight and user-friendly, USB Virus Scan ensures seamless compatibility with all types of software without impacting the computer's performance. With a one-time payment model, it offers comprehensive protection without the recurring costs associated with other antivirus programs.

What can USB Virus Scan be used for?

USB Virus Scan is primarily used for safeguarding computers against malicious threats that can be transmitted through USB flash drives. This includes prevention, detection, and removal of viruses, ensuring that these common portable storage devices do not become a conduit for cyber threats.

USB Virus Scan Tricks & Tips

To maximize the effectiveness of USB Virus Scan, it's advisable to regularly update the program to ensure the latest version is in use, even though it doesn't require signature updates. Users should also consider customizing the scan settings to match their specific needs and enable real-time monitoring for the best protection.

Benefits & Features

  • 100% protection against USB viruses
  • Automatic scanning and removal of threats upon USB insertion
  • No need for regular signature updates
  • Removes viruses like newfolder.exe and the recycler virus
  • Compatible with all software without slowing down the computer
  • One-time payment with no additional costs for updates


  • Offers a high protection rate against USB threats
  • Automatic and easy to use with little intervention required
  • Does not require frequent updates, saving time and resources
  • Lightweight software that does not affect system performance
  • Cost-effective with a single purchase providing full features


  • Limited to USB threats and does not provide broader antivirus protection
  • May not include the latest virus definitions as it doesn't require updates
  • Not as well-known as other antivirus solutions, possibly affecting trust
USB Virus Scan stands out in the sphere of USB security, offering a unique solution that is both effective and user-friendly. It's an ideal tool for those who frequently use USB drives and wish to ensure their devices remain virus-free without the hassle of continuous updates. With its one-time payment structure, it provides a cost-effective alternative to other antivirus options.


Does USB Virus Scan replace a full antivirus program?
No, it is specialized for USB threats and should be used in conjunction with a comprehensive antivirus solution for full protection.

Can USB Virus Scan work with other antivirus software?
Yes, it is designed to be compatible with all software and should not interfere with other antivirus programs.

Is USB Virus Scan suitable for all versions of Windows?
It is highly compatible, but it's always best to check the latest system requirements on the official website to ensure compatibility with your specific Windows version.

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