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UC Browser is a free mobile browser for slow phones. It is ideal for you if you have an unstable Internet connection or an ancient device because it is not a problem for him. The platform is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, developed by UCWeb.

How does UC Browser work?

It works like most browsing services:

  • The search bar allows you to enter keywords to search for topics on the Internet.

  • Website browsing history.

  • The "Top Sites" category is available to access your favorite websites quickly.

  • The Most Visited section tracks the URLs you visit most often.

  • You can add links that you can return.

  • UC Browser provides an anonymous browsing mode. Although incognito may hide your identity from the sites you visit, UC Browser still logs your personal information into a database.

Other available UC Browser features

  • Multimedia downloader. You can upload videos from YouTube. They will appear in the "Downloads" area of ​​the main menu.

  • The main menu section can be expanded and minimized in UC Browser.

  • Additional categories in the menu include bookmarks, history, themes, and tools.

  • Night mode is available to customize your work experience.

  • Daily horoscope and preview weather forecast on the home screen.

  • Game center. Download games in any language.

Customize your browser for all settings

Change the browser theme, coloring, and general appearance of windows. Choose various wallpapers or import your own. Also, set up a browser homepage where your chosen websites are always at hand. This is convenient because you get the opportunity to go to your favorite sites in seconds.

Use functional extensions because UC Browser supports all the same add-ons as Google Chrome, except for the built-in VPN and ad blocker.

How to download UC Browser?

There is nothing heavy in the download. Once installed, you will need to create a public record or login into an existing one. You can also download it to Windows. Syncing between devices works great.

Is UC Browser safe?

UC Browser is not very secure. Your online activity is not encrypted, and the browser does not allow you to disable tracking. It sends your data to advertisers. This is the model of your device, language, operating system version, time zone, and GPS location.

Although UC Browser sends information, the privacy policy states that they will not sell your data.

Should I download UC Browser?

If you don't care too much about your data, then yes. It's fast, easy, and often updated. It works even on ancient devices but has a little advertising. The choice of whether to download is up to you.


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UC Browser for PC
UC Browser for PC
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