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Total Overdose Total Overdose
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The description of Total Overdose

Total Overdose is a gritty third-person shooter that takes players deep into the criminal underworld of Mexico. The game opens in 1989, with undercover DEA agent Ernesto Cruz fighting his way through the jungle and boarding a plane home, only to die from an alleged \"overdose.\" Fast forward to the present day, and Ernesto's twin sons, Ramiro and Tommy, are on a mission to find their father's killer. Bringing a blend of action and dark humor, the Total Overdose demo includes the introduction movie and the \"Smash the Stash\" mission, where players get a taste of the game's over-the-top action as they take on the role of an undercover agent embedded in a ruthless drug cartel.

What can Total Overdose be used for?

Players can use Total Overdose for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience, diving into a world of explosive gunfights, high-speed chases, and a dramatic storyline. It serves as an escape into an action-packed adventure inspired by classic Hollywood action movies and Mexican culture.

Total Overdose Tricks & Tips

To excel in Total Overdose, players should make the most of the game's unique features, like the \"bullet-time\" mechanics that allow for precision shooting. Mastering the combo system will also help boost scores and take down enemies more effectively. Exploring the environment to find power-ups, hidden weapons, and health is crucial for survival in the dangerous world of Total Overdose.

Benefits & Features

  • Intense third-person shooting action
  • Unique \"bullet-time\" mechanics for stylish gunplay
  • Combo scoring system to encourage creative combat
  • Vibrant Mexican setting with a rich, darkly comedic storyline
  • Diverse missions that offer a blend of shooting, driving, and exploration
  • An arsenal of weapons and moves, including acrobatic gunfights and grenade tossing
  • Interactive environments with destructible elements


  • Highly stylized action sequences reminiscent of action cinema
  • Engaging storyline with dark humor and twists
  • Varied gameplay with both on-foot and vehicular sections
  • Expansive arsenal and creative combat moves


  • Outdated graphics by current standards
  • Sometimes repetitive mission structure
  • Limited depth in character development
  • Occasional glitches and AI issues

Final Words on Total Overdose

Total Overdose is a fiery mix of intense action and Mexican bravado that will delight fans of classic third-person shooters. Its exaggerated style and unapologetic approach to action gaming provide an entertaining experience, despite its few shortcomings. The game captures the essence of a wild ride through Mexico's criminal heartlands and remains a memorable title for its unique flavor and gameplay mechanics.


Can I play Total Overdose on modern Windows systems?
Yes, Total Overdose can be played on modern Windows systems, though compatibility mode may be necessary for optimal performance.

Does Total Overdose have multiplayer capabilities?
No, Total Overdose is a single-player experience with no multiplayer modes.

Is the \"Smash the Stash\" mission indicative of the full game's content?
Yes, the \"Smash the Stash\" mission in the demo provides a good overview of the gameplay, humor, and action that is present throughout the entire game.
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