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The Sims is a legendary series of games allowing you to live another life. You can choose your character's appearance and personality, develop their skills, build relationships with other characters, create a career, find love, etc. This game can drag you on for a very long time, and you won't get bored even for a single minute. If you have not played Sims 4 for Windows, we will tell you about the features and advantages of this game.

What is this game?

The Sims is a series of life simulation games where the player controls one or more characters (Sims), takes care of their well-being, develops their skills, strengthens relations with other characters, promotes their careers, and arranges their homes. The Sims 4 is designed for several platforms, including Windows. In addition to improved graphics, it has more features and advantages than previous series games.

Character creation

In Sims 4, the player has complete power over the character –particularly their emotional state. For example, it is enough to send a girl to take a bath to set her up for romance. A Sim with a mischievous personality will often prank other Sims, try to make mischief, and laugh at the victim of the prank. Control of emotions is intuitive, a definite plus of the game. Due to this, you can reach previously set goals easily, fool around, or meet new Sims in the city. The character constructor in Sims 4 is improved and simplified, so you don't need to spend hours turning sliders as in the previous game versions. For example, you can pull the mouse to increase the character's nose.

Character life stages

Seven life stages are available for players: pregnancy, baby, child, teenager, young adult, adult, and elder. Every Sim also has three traits and a goal with their hidden character trait. The player chooses clothing, physique, hair, and makeup for their character. The game has advanced gender options. You can change the appearance of your Sim regardless of their gender.

Motives and communications

Every Sim has 6 indicators of motives or needs. The basic ones are energy, hygiene, and hunger/thirst. Players must satisfy the Sims' desires, preventing depression, illness, grief, or even death. The environment significantly affects the character.

Career and home improvement

Sims need money to furnish their homes. You can get a job, improve the skills of your Sim, and receive appropriate hourly wages. Earning money is related to mini-quests. It is possible to sell handicrafts, works of art, or software.

Your Sim is a person

The developers have tried to vary the factors affecting the behavior of your Sim. Namely:

  • satisfying needs of the first order (food, comfort, fun) make the character happy;

  • there is an accumulation of discontent and severe dissatisfaction (lack of sleep, boredom, etc.);

  • stresses and tantrums occur in different ways (it depends on the original character of the Sim).

For example, if a grumpy old man throws a tantrum, he splashes his anger on the surrounding family members. Children run away and cry in their rooms. Every Sim is unique, and this applies to the character you created and everyone around your Sim.


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