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The description of Tarzan

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Disney's Tarzan, the classic action game for Windows that brings the excitement of the jungle to your screen. As players assume the role of Tarzan, they navigate through his life from a child to the king of the jungle. This engaging little arcade game offers players an immersive experience in the wild, replete with challenges and the joy of swinging on vines through the treetops.

What can Tarzan be used for?

Tarzan for Windows is a game that can be used for entertainment and leisure. It provides a nostalgic gaming experience for fans of the Disney movie and appeals to those who enjoy action-adventure platformers. Players can relive the story of Tarzan, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles while exploring the lush environments of the jungle.

Tarzan Tricks & Tips

To excel in the game, it's essential to master the art of vine-swinging and timing your jumps. Collecting coins and fruits throughout the levels can boost your health and score. Keeping an eye out for hidden areas can lead to bonus points and additional lives. Players should also utilize Tarzan's distinct abilities, such as his powerful yell and his ability to interact with various animals, to their advantage.

Benefits & Features

  • Immersive jungle environments to explore
  • Follows the beloved storyline of Disney's Tarzan
  • Fluid animation and graphics faithful to the animated film
  • Challenging levels with a variety of puzzles and enemies
  • Special abilities and moves unique to Tarzan
  • Collectibles and hidden areas to discover
  • Family-friendly content suitable for all ages


  • Engaging gameplay that captures the spirit of the Disney film
  • Easy to pick up for players of all skill levels
  • Iconic soundtrack and character voices enhance the experience


  • May be considered dated by modern gaming standards
  • Limited replay value once all levels are completed
  • Some controls and mechanics may feel clunky

Disney's Tarzan for Windows remains a charming game that can offer hours of enjoyment. The nostalgia factor alone makes it a worthy play for those who appreciate the classic Disney era. While it may not boast the advanced features of modern games, its simplicity and adherence to the source material provide a solid gaming experience.


Is Disney's Tarzan appropriate for children?
Yes, the game features family-friendly content and is suitable for players of all ages.

Can you play Disney's Tarzan on modern Windows systems?
While designed for older Windows systems, it can often be run on modern systems with compatibility settings or using an emulator.

Does the game follow the movie plot?
Yes, the game's storyline closely follows the events of the Disney animated film.
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