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The description of Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a darkly humorous over-the-top operation simulation game for Windows that thrusts players into the role of Nigel Burke, an aspiring surgeon with a rather unsteady hand. Initially created in a mere 48 hours during the 2013 Global Game Jam, the game's prototype tasked players with performing a heart transplant using a comically inadequate set of tools and a challenging control scheme that combines both keyboard and mouse. The full release on Steam expands the experience with new features, more operations, and even an ambulance mode that adds a layer of complexity and urgency to the surgeries.

What can Surgeon Simulator be used for?

Surgeon Simulator serves as an entertaining platform for players to engage in surgical procedures in a less-than-serious setting. From performing organ transplants in an operating theater to executing medical maneuvers in the back of a speeding ambulance, the game offers a variety of scenarios that test the player's dexterity and resolve under pressure.

Surgeon Simulator Tricks & Tips

Mastering Surgeon Simulator requires a blend of finesse and patience. Learning the controls is crucial; practice maneuvering the virtual hand with precision. Use the right mouse button to rotate the wrist, which can help in angling tools correctly. Remember to be gentle: swift and reckless movements often lead to catastrophic results. Pay close attention to the patient's vitals, as they are an indicator of your success or failure during procedures.

Benefits & Features

  • New full game developed from the wildly entertaining 48hr prototype
  • Fiendishly challenging ambulance mode
  • A variety of operations, including double kidney and brain transplants
  • A slew of clumsy and inappropriate tools that add to the game's humor
  • Unique control scheme using a combination of keyboard and mouse
  • Whimsical physics that create unpredictable outcomes


  • Humorous and unique take on the simulation genre
  • Addictive gameplay with a steep but rewarding learning curve
  • Varied surgical scenarios that keep the game interesting
  • Steam version adds substantial content to the original prototype


  • Control scheme can be frustrating and may deter some players
  • Physics can sometimes feel too unpredictable
  • Not for those seeking a realistic surgical simulation

After delving into the chaotic world of Surgeon Simulator 2013, it becomes clear that the game excels at delivering a comical yet challenging experience. Its off-the-wall approach to surgical procedures makes for many memorable moments, and while the controls and physics can be a source of frustration, they are also what make the game uniquely entertaining. Those looking for a lighthearted and amusing way to test their digital dexterity will find Surgeon Simulator to be just what the doctor ordered.


Is Surgeon Simulator 2013 suitable for players seeking a realistic medical simulation?
No, Surgeon Simulator is designed as a humorous parody of medical simulations and is not meant to provide a realistic surgical experience.

Are there different levels of difficulty in Surgeon Simulator?
While there are no set difficulty levels, the game naturally becomes more challenging as players progress through more complex surgeries and scenarios, such as the ambulance mode.

Can Surgeon Simulator help improve hand-eye coordination?
Despite its over-the-top gameplay, Surgeon Simulator does require precise movements and can potentially help players improve their hand-eye coordination over time.
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