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The description of Supercopier

Supercopier is a robust program for Windows systems, renowned for its efficient capabilities. Although its interface might seem complex initially, it caters to both casual users and those seeking more advanced functionalities.

What can Supercopier be used for?

Supercopier is designed to enhance the file copying and moving process on your Windows computer. It serves as a replacement for the default file copy dialog and offers more control over file transfers. Users can manage the transfer queue, pause and resume copies, and even configure copy speed limits for precise resource management.

Supercopier Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of Supercopier, users can take advantage of its versatile settings. You can prioritize copy tasks, skip certain files during a batch transfer, or even set it to shut down the computer once a long copy session is complete. Another useful tip is to use the error management features to handle problematic files without interrupting the entire process.

Benefits & Features

  • Enhanced control over copy and move operations
  • Ability to pause, resume, and cancel transfers
  • Speed limit control for efficient resource management
  • Error management to bypass problematic files
  • Bulk file transfer with an editable queue
  • User-friendly interface with advanced options
  • Integration with Windows shell for easy access


  • Greatly improves file transfer reliability and control
  • Customizable for various user needs
  • Real-time transfer speed and progress information


  • Interface may be intimidating for first-time users
  • Some advanced features might be unnecessary for casual use

Supercopier stands out as a powerful tool that substantially improves the file management experience on Windows. Its array of features and customizability makes it a valuable asset for anyone who requires more than the basic copy and paste functions.


Is Supercopier free to use?
Yes, Supercopier is free software, which means you can download and use it without any cost.

Can Supercopier replace the default Windows copy dialog?
Absolutely, once installed, Supercopier can take over as the default copy handler, offering more functionality than the standard Windows dialog.

Does Supercopier increase the speed of file copying?
Supercopier can optimize the file copying process, often resulting in faster transfers, especially when managing multiple files or large batches.

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