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The description of Supaplex

Supaplex is a classic computer game that has been challenging and entertaining players since its initial release in the early 90s. Designed for Windows, it features a character named Murphy whose goal is to collect enough colored triangles, known as infotrons, in each level before making his way to the exit. This puzzle game is beloved for its engaging gameplay and has been a staple for many who enjoy logic and strategy games.

What can Supaplex be used for?

Supaplex is primarily used for entertainment and brain-teasing puzzle solving. It's a game that requires strategic planning, quick thinking, and sometimes a bit of trial and error to progress through the increasingly complex levels. It can also serve as a great tool for improving problem-solving skills and learning to think several steps ahead.

Supaplex Tricks & Tips

To excel in Supaplex, players should always plan their route before starting to move Murphy. Paying close attention to the movement patterns of enemies and the layout of the level is crucial. Players should also practice patience, as rushing can often lead to getting trapped or missing essential infotrons. Remember, some levels have hidden paths or secret areas that can be discovered by exploring and interacting with the game environment.

Benefits & Features

  • Engaging puzzle-solving gameplay
  • Increasingly challenging levels that test your logic and reflexes
  • Simple yet captivating graphics that stay true to the game's origins
  • Intuitive controls that are easy to learn but hard to master
  • Nostalgic experience for fans of the original game
  • Hours of entertainment with numerous levels to conquer


  • Stimulates cognitive skills and logical thinking
  • Extensive number of levels, offering long-lasting gameplay
  • Classic game design that has withstood the test of time
  • Active community and fan-made levels for additional challenges


  • Graphics may feel outdated compared to modern games
  • Lacks modern features like online leaderboards or multiplayer
  • Some levels may be excessively challenging for casual players
Supaplex stands out as a quintessential example of a game that combines simplicity with profound depth in gameplay. A true testament to the lasting appeal of well-designed puzzles, it provides an experience that is as rewarding now as it was upon its original release.


Is Supaplex suitable for all ages?
Yes, Supaplex is suitable for players of all ages who enjoy puzzle games. However, younger players may find some of the levels quite challenging.

Can I create my own levels in Supaplex?
While the original game does not have a built-in level editor, there are fan-made tools available that allow players to create and share their own Supaplex levels.

Is there a way to save progress in the game?
Yes, Supaplex allows players to save their progress, which is essential given the game's length and difficulty of some levels.
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