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Stereo Mix Plus Stereo Mix Plus
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Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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The description of Stereo Mix Plus

Stereo Mix Plus is a sound card emulator tool that addresses the absence of the Stereo Mix feature on some Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems, enabling users to record sound directly from their computer. This tool also functions as a Vista Audio Changer, offering more control over audio playback on these operating systems.

What can Stereo Mix Plus be used for?

Users can utilize Stereo Mix Plus to record audio playing on their computers, such as streaming music, game sounds, and system alerts. The software acts as a virtual audio device, capturing all audio output from the PC without the need for external recording devices.

Stereo Mix Plus Tricks & Tips

Maximize the capabilities of Stereo Mix Plus by setting it as your default playback device to ensure all audio passes through the emulator for recording. You can also adjust the sound quality settings for optimal recording results and use the audio changer feature to switch between different playback devices with ease.

Benefits & Features

  • Emulates Stereo Mix on systems where it's not available
  • Records any sound that is played through your computer
  • Functions as an audio changer for Windows Vista systems
  • Simple and intuitive interface for ease of use
  • High-quality sound recording capabilities
  • Helpful for creating podcasts, webcasts, and other audio projects


  • Enables recording of internal audio on PCs where Stereo Mix is missing
  • Useful for various audio recording tasks
  • User-friendly interface that's easy to navigate


  • Not compatible with operating systems newer than Windows 7
  • May require some initial setup to function correctly

A Handy Tool for Audio Recording on Windows

Stereo Mix Plus is a valuable solution for anyone needing to record audio directly from their PC, especially when dealing with the absence of the Stereo Mix option. Its additional features, such as the Vista Audio Changer, make it a versatile choice for Windows Vista and 7 users.


Can Stereo Mix Plus record audio from online streaming services?
Yes, it can record any audio that is played through your computer, including online streaming services.

Is Stereo Mix Plus compatible with Windows 10?
Stereo Mix Plus is designed for Windows Vista and 7 systems and may not work as intended on Windows 10.

Do I need any additional hardware to use Stereo Mix Plus?
No, Stereo Mix Plus does not require any additional hardware. It works as a virtual audio device that can record sounds from your computer.

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