SQLS Plus for SQL Server

SQLS Plus for SQL Server

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SQLS Plus for SQL Server SQLS Plus for SQL Server
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Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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The description of SQLS Plus for SQL Server

For those working with Microsoft SQL Server, SQLS Plus offers a powerful toolset akin to Oracle’s SQL*Plus. It is designed for SQL Server versions 2008, 2005, and 2000 and serves as a robust utility for DBAs, developers, and operations staff. SQLS Plus excels at executing various DBA tasks, running SQL scripts, and automating data processing as well as reporting batch jobs. It provides a feature-rich alternative to command-line tools such as sqlcmd, osql, and isql. The tool is free for individual and single server instance use, with an option for an annual enterprise support and maintenance license for larger, multi-server environments.

What can SQLS Plus for SQL Server be used for?

SQLS Plus is incredibly versatile, enabling users to perform a multitude of DBA tasks. It facilitates the execution of complex SQL scripts, automates database data processing, and generates reports for batch jobs. This tool is invaluable for those who need to manage and manipulate data on a regular basis, providing a command-line interface that integrates seamlessly with SQL Server environments.

SQLS Plus for SQL Server Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of SQLS Plus, users should familiarize themselves with its advanced options. Utilizing variables and custom scripting can greatly enhance productivity. Automating routine tasks with batch scripts and scheduling them to run during off-peak hours can reduce system load and improve efficiency. Mastering the formatting commands can also lead to more readable and professional-looking reports.

Benefits & Features

  • Advanced scripting capabilities
  • Automation of database tasks and reporting
  • Enhanced data processing features
  • Compatibility with multiple SQL Server versions
  • Free for individual and single server commercial use
  • Enterprise support available for complex environments


  • Cost-effective solution for SQL Server management
  • Rich set of features for advanced users
  • Easy automation of repetitive database tasks


  • May have a learning curve for new users
  • Enterprise support requires an annual license fee

SQLS Plus for SQL Server: A Versatile and Potent Tool

SQLS Plus stands out as an essential tool for efficient SQL Server management. Its robust functionality and ease of automation make it a valuable asset in any database administrator's arsenal. While it offers a comprehensive suite of features, newcomers to the tool may need to invest time to fully leverage its capabilities. Nevertheless, the benefits significantly outweigh the initial effort required to master the tool, particularly when considering the cost savings for individual and single server use.


Is SQLS Plus suitable for beginners?
Yes, while it has advanced features, beginners can start with basic scripts and gradually progress to more complex tasks.

Can SQLS Plus handle large-scale enterprise environments?
With the appropriate enterprise license, SQLS Plus is fully equipped to manage multi-server and multi-instance database environments.

How does SQLS Plus compare to native SQL Server tools?
SQLS Plus provides a more advanced and flexible interface than native tools like sqlcmd and isql, particularly in scripting and automation.

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