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Spore is an expansive online game available for download to your Windows device. This game allows players to create and develop their universe. There you can observe the evolution of your inhabitants till it establishes the whole civilization.

Spore is not free to download and doesn't offer a free trial. However, you can play it online.

How to play Spore?

Once you start the game, you will get a cell organism floating around. You can choose whether it is a carnivore or herbivore being. At this stage, it can just feed on something and try not to be eaten by someone else.

After approximately 30 minutes, if he is still alive, your organism will get on land and continue its development. From this moment begins the most fun part of the game. You will explore the land, other creatures, and their possibilities.

The primary mission is to modify your being by adding various body parts, which can give him many different skills. With Spore, you make any creation you want. It can have different abilities, ranging from dancing and ending with clawing. Later goes a tribal stage. There you have to choose your weapons and clothing.

At this point, some skills of your creation may become useless and ridiculous. Another stage is the civilization phase. Here you have to make airplanes, vehicles, and ships. And at the space phase, you will build starships.


Spore is an entertaining game for Windows users that received widespread attention. Here you can fully use your imagination and become the architect of your universe with created inhabitants. Some users admit that Spore isn't as challenging as expected, but others find it an excellent option to relax after a hard day.


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