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The description of Spoken English

Spoken English for Windows is a tool that promises to simplify the language learning process. The premise is that with an understanding of around 2,000 words, you can effectively navigate through most daily conversations and communications. This software aims to make you proficient in both speaking and writing by focusing on these essential words and providing guidance on their proper use in syntax and pronunciation.

What can Spoken English be used for?

Spoken English can be an invaluable resource for various users. It's designed to assist language learners in achieving fluency by improving their vocabulary and grasp of syntactical structures. Additionally, it aids in honing pronunciation skills, ensuring users can speak English with confidence and clarity. From students to business professionals, anyone looking to enhance their spoken and written English can benefit from this program.

Spoken English Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of Spoken English, focus on active engagement with the program. Use the vocabulary exercises to enhance memory, and practice regularly to improve prosody, which is the rhythm and pattern of sounds in speech. Record yourself to self-critique and improve pronunciation. Lastly, immerse yourself in the language as much as possible by conversing with native speakers or utilizing English media.

Benefits & Features

  • Targeted Vocabulary - Focus on the essential 2,000 words for effective communication.
  • Memory Enhancement - Techniques to help remember vocabulary and syntax.
  • Prosody Training - Guidance on improving the flow of speech.
  • Practical Usage - Designed for real-world conversation and writing skills.
  • User-friendly Interface - Easy navigation for a smoother learning experience.


  • Concise vocabulary focus makes learning manageable
  • Improves both spoken and written English
  • Adaptable to different learning styles
  • Supports pronunciation and syntax equally


  • May not cover advanced vocabulary for specialized fields
  • Requires discipline and regular practice to see results
  • Less effective without supplementary language immersion

For learners dedicated to mastering the English language, Spoken English for Windows offers a structured and effective approach. Its focused vocabulary and dual emphasis on syntax and prosody equip users with the tools for clear and correct communication.


How long will it take to see improvements in my English?
The time varies per user based on practice frequency and prior knowledge. Consistent daily use of Spoken English should yield noticeable progress in a few weeks.

Is Spoken English suitable for advanced learners?
While it covers foundational vocabulary and syntax, advanced learners might need additional materials to cover specialized terminology.

Can I use Spoken English offline?
Yes, once installed, Spoken English for Windows does not require an internet connection to access the core features.

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