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SoundWire Server

SoundWire Server SoundWire Server
Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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The description of SoundWire Server

SoundWire Server is a free program that serves as a bridge between your Windows PC and your Android device, allowing users to stream audio directly from their computer to their phone or tablet. This seamless integration caters to those looking to enjoy their PC's audio output on the go, without the need for complex setups or expensive hardware.

What can SoundWire Server be used for?

SoundWire Server is particularly useful for streaming music, game audio, or any other sound from your computer to your Android device. It allows you to enjoy your PC's audio while you're moving around the house, or even when you're outside, provided you're connected to the same network. It's a great tool for those wanting to listen to their PC's audio library without being tethered to their desk with headphones.

SoundWire Server Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of SoundWire Server, ensure that both your PC and Android device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for the best streaming experience. Experiment with the audio buffer size in the app settings if you encounter any latency issues. Additionally, consider using a dedicated Wi-Fi network for audio streaming to avoid interference from other devices.

Benefits & Features

  • Wireless audio streaming from PC to Android device
  • Simple setup process
  • Supports multiple audio formats
  • Low latency with adjustable buffer settings
  • Free to use with optional in-app purchases for additional features


  • User-friendly interface
  • No need for audio cables or additional hardware
  • Highly affordable solution for wireless audio streaming


  • Dependent on the quality of the Wi-Fi connection
  • Limited to Android devices
  • Premium features require in-app purchases

SoundWire Server transforms your Android device into a wireless sound system, effortlessly extending your audio experience beyond the confines of your computer. This software is a testament to the convenience and innovation in the realm of personal audio, providing an accessible way to enjoy your PC's sound output without the physical constraints of cables.


Is SoundWire Server difficult to install?
No, the installation process is straightforward. Simply download and run the program on your Windows PC and install the companion app on your Android device.

Can SoundWire Server stream to multiple devices simultaneously?
SoundWire Server is designed to connect to one Android device at a time. For multi-device streaming, separate instances or alternative solutions may be necessary.

Is there a version of SoundWire Server for iOS?
Currently, SoundWire Server is only available for Android devices, with no iOS version offered at this time.
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