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Sogou Pinyin is a Chinese input method that allows users to type in Chinese characters using the romanized spelling of those characters. It also includes a dictionary and predictive text functionality, which can help users organize more quickly and accurately. It can be used for anything from writing emails to entering search terms on search engines, and it is beneficial for people who are learning the language.

Sogou Pinyin allows users to type in Chinese characters on a Windows computer, but it can also be used with other applications.

Sogou Pinyin features

Sogou Pinyin features include:

  • Character prediction: Sogou Pinyin predicts the next character you'll type based on what you've already ordered and what's currently in your text box — it even learns from your typing habits over time. This means you never have to remember how characters are written, just how they're pronounced.

  • Character auto-completion: When you type an incomplete character, Sogou Pinyin will suggest possible completions based on what it knows about the character (such as whether or not it has strokes).

  • Pinyin tone marks: When you type in pinyin, Sogou Pinyin will automatically display the correct tone mark for that character. This feature is handy when typing Chinese names or words with multiple meanings.

  • Handy shortcuts: If you're tired of typing out common phrases, Sogou Pinyin allows you to create your own shortcuts using a simple keyboard shortcut. You can also customize the keyboard with your own set of commonly used characters and words.

  • One-handed mode: When you need to use both hands on something else (like holding an umbrella while walking in the rain), simply swipe down on the keyboard, and it will shift into one-handed mode.

  • Spelling suggestions: Sogou Pinyin will list possible spelling options as you type. When you see the word you want, tap on it.

  • Spelling correction: If you misspell a word, Sogou Pinyin will suggest modifications based on what it knows about the character (such as its meaning and pronunciation).


Sogou Pinyin is an excellent keyboard app for anyone who wants to type Chinese characters on a Windows computer. It has many features make it easy to use, and its one-handed mode makes it ideal for those who want to text with one hand while doing something else with the other. Sogou Pinyin is an excellent alternative to its competitors, which offer many of the same features. Although it's not as feature-rich as some other Chinese keyboards, it's still an excellent option for anyone looking for a simple Chinese keyboard.


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