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Safari is Apple's super fast and elegant web browser for Mac. The best way to access the Internet is on all your Apple devices. It offers reliable configuration settings, powerful privacy protection, and leading battery life.


The first thing you will notice is the clean design of Safari compared to many other browsers. You don't have annoying toolbars or plugins, so everything looks minimalist and expensive. Maximum space is provided to the content of your page, not a short browser.

Speed ​​and improved energy efficiency

Safari is explicitly designed to work on Apple devices, providing maximum long-term energy. This allows you to do more online on a single charge on your Mac than any other browser. Apple is also working to make Safari the fastest browser globally, thanks to Safari's high-speed JavaScript engine.


  • Information. Get detailed information about any object with one click or select text on any image.

  • Notes. Notes are your main application to capture any thought, and you can instantly write down ideas while browsing websites without leaving Safari.

  • Translation. Translate entire web pages into eight languages ​​with one click.


You can easily add any extensions in the particular Safari category in the App Store. But some that work great at Windows will not be available here.


Safari runs seamlessly and syncs passwords, bookmarks, history, tabs, etc., across all your Apple devices. And when your Mac, iOS, or iPadOS devices are next to each other, they can automatically transfer what you do in Safari from one device to another using Handoff.


Safari helps with one of the most powerful protection to protect you and your Mac. It securely stores and automatically fills in your passwords. Monitoring will alert you if passwords and suspicious websites are violated. Because Safari loads each page in a separate process, any danger is limited to one browser tab, so it will not access all your data.

Privacy and reports

Safari has a built-in privacy protection system, including an intelligent anti-tracking system. It identifies trackers and will not allow outsiders to follow you online. It is also possible to register anywhere without disclosing your personal email address. You can see how your privacy is protected on all websites. Click the "Privacy Report" button on the toolbar and get a snapshot of the tracking prohibited tools. Or check out the weekly privacy report to see how Safari protects you while browsing.

Should I download Safari on Mac?

Safari is really the best option for a web browser if you have a Mac because other browsers can run slowlier and take up more space. It is already installed on any of your Apple devices. You can only update it to the latest versions. Apple is really trying to improve them.


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