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The description of Ratool

Ratool, which stands for Removable Access tool, is a user-friendly and portable freeware application designed to help individuals and system administrators manage USB storage device access. It serves as a protective measure for confidential data, preventing unauthorized copying. Unlike other less effective tools, Ratool can disable USB storage access or enable write protection for all USB flash drives, which helps in preventing data from being modified or deleted. It boasts a significant advantage in that it cannot be easily overridden by other similar tools, ensuring the security of your USB ports.

What can Ratool be used for?

Ratool is mainly used to control the access to USB storage devices on a computer. It can be employed to disable the use of USB storage devices altogether, preventing any unauthorized data transfer. Additionally, it can enable write protection on USB flash drives, which is crucial when you want to view the contents of a USB drive without the risk of data being altered or erased.

Ratool Tricks & Tips

Using Ratool effectively requires understanding its various options. You can whitelist certain USB devices, which allows them to bypass general restrictions you've set up. It's also possible to set up Ratool so that it asks for a password whenever someone attempts to change the USB settings, adding an extra layer of security. For system administrators, Ratool can be run from a script or command line, allowing for easy deployment across multiple machines within a network.

Benefits & Features

  • Portable application with no installation required
  • Disable access to USB storage devices to prevent unauthorized use
  • Enable write protection to avoid data being modified or deleted
  • Cannot be easily bypassed by other USB disabling/enabling software
  • Password protection for changing USB access settings
  • Whitelist feature to allow specific USB devices
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Suitable for both personal use and system administrators


  • Enhances data security by controlling USB access
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Provides robust protection against other USB enabling tools
  • Offers a whitelist option for approved devices


  • May not be suitable for environments where USB access is frequently changed
  • Lacks comprehensive documentation for less tech-savvy users

Final Words on Ratool

Ratool stands out as a reliable and straightforward solution for managing USB device access on Windows systems. Its robust protection against unauthorized use and modification of data makes it an essential tool for those who prioritize security. While it may not cater to all user needs, especially in settings where USB use is dynamic, it's an excellent choice for basic USB management and data protection.


Is Ratool compatible with all versions of Windows?
Ratool is compatible with most versions of Windows, but it's always best to check the latest information on the official website for any specific system requirements.

Can Ratool be bypassed or disabled without a user's knowledge?
Ratool has been designed to provide a robust level of protection that isn't easily bypassed by similar tools, making it unlikely to be disabled without the user's knowledge.

Does Ratool require administrative privileges to run?
Yes, to implement changes to USB access settings and ensure full functionality, Ratool typically requires administrative privileges.

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