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The description of PRUforce

PRUforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) application developed by PT Prudential Life Assurance, designed to cater to the needs of users in the financial and life insurance sectors. This application, which is part of the Prudential plc and Pru Life UK family, offers a convenient way for customers, especially in Indonesia, to access real-time production reports and manage their Prudential accounts from their Windows devices. Additionally, PRUforce is accessible on mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, providing a seamless experience across multiple devices.

What can PRUforce be used for?

PRUforce serves as a comprehensive tool for managing customer relations and account activities for Prudential's clients. It allows users to monitor their insurance policies, keep track of their premiums, and gain insights through real-time production reports. The app enables efficient management of client information, streamlining the process of updating records, and supporting the tracking of sales and lead generation activities.

PRUforce Tricks & Tips

Maximize your PRUforce experience by setting up personalized notifications for important account milestones or actions required. Utilize the dashboard to get a quick overview of your account status at a glance. For an efficient workflow, regularly update client details and use the filtering options to prioritize tasks. Additionally, explore the app's reporting features to make data-driven decisions and improve your productivity.

Benefits & Features

  • Real-time access to production reports
  • Mobile compatibility with Android and iOS devices
  • Efficient management of client information and policies
  • Personalized notifications for account activities
  • User-friendly dashboard for quick status overviews
  • Advanced reporting features for strategic planning


  • Convenient mobile access to account information
  • Intuitive user interface simplifies navigation
  • Comprehensive CRM features tailored for insurance services


  • Limited to Prudential's customers, primarily in Indonesia
  • Some features may have a learning curve for new users

PRUforce stands out as a specialized CRM tool that empowers Prudential's clientele with robust account management capabilities. Its real-time reporting and mobile accessibility make it a valuable asset for insurance professionals on the go. Despite its regional and client-specific focus, the application's comprehensive features position it as a pivotal resource in the financial and life insurance service sectors.


Is PRUforce available for all platforms?
While PRUforce has a version for Windows, it is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices, ensuring cross-platform accessibility.

Can anyone use PRUforce?
PRUforce is designed for customers of PT Prudential Life Assurance and is mostly intended for users in Indonesia.

Does PRUforce offer features for lead tracking and sales?
Yes, PRUforce includes functionalities for tracking sales progress and managing leads, which are essential for insurance agents and financial service providers.
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