Project IGI

Project IGI

Innerloop Studios
Project IGI Project IGI
Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Innerloop Studios
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The description of Project IGI

Project IGI, a tactical first-person shooter for Windows, sets players in the boots of David Jones, an MI6 agent tasked with completing a series of complex missions across the globe. As players navigate through the game's challenging levels, they must employ stealth, strategy, and a robust arsenal to achieve their objectives. With its detailed and realistic graphics, Project IGI offers an engaging experience that tests both strategic thinking and shooting skills.

What can Project IGI be used for?

Players step into a world of espionage with Project IGI, using the game as a platform to experience the life of a secret agent. It provides an opportunity for gamers to test their tactical ability, problem-solving skills, and precision under pressure. Whether you're sneaking past guards or engaging in intense firefights, Project IGI offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences.

Project IGI Tricks & Tips

To excel in Project IGI, players should prioritize stealth over direct confrontation. Learning patrol patterns and using the environment to hide can be the key to mission success. Managing ammunition wisely and choosing the right weapon for each situation are also crucial strategies. Players are advised to save the game at different points to avoid repeating large sections after a failure.

Benefits & Features

  • Detailed and realistic graphics that enhance gameplay immersion
  • A wide array of weapons including pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, and sniper rifles
  • Multiple missions with unique challenges requiring strategic planning
  • Engaging storyline that unfolds with each completed objective
  • Opportunity to use stealth and tactical skills to overcome obstacles


  • Engaging first-person tactical gameplay
  • Realistic level design that encourages strategic thinking
  • Diverse weapon selection for different combat scenarios


  • Lack of a mid-mission save function can lead to repetition
  • Some dated elements in graphics and AI behavior
  • Steep learning curve that may deter casual players

Embark on a Covert Journey Across the Globe

Project IGI stands as a solid example of the tactical shooter genre, offering players a mix of stealth and action. Its realistic approach to covert operations requires thoughtful gameplay and rewards careful planning and execution. Despite some drawbacks, such as the punishing save system and occasional dated graphics, the game remains a memorable experience for fans of the genre.


Is Project IGI suitable for casual gamers?
The game is challenging and may be better suited for players who enjoy tactical depth and don't mind a steep learning curve.

Can you save the game during missions?
No, Project IGI lacks a mid-mission save function, so players must complete each level in one attempt or start over from the beginning.

Does Project IGI have multiplayer?
No, Project IGI is a single-player game focused on the solo campaign and does not offer multiplayer features.
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