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Plants Vs Zombies Review

Plants vs. Zombies for Android is an exciting strategy game that requires the player to do his best to protect his home from a zombie invasion. Multiple plants act as protection.

Tower Defense Game

Plants vs. Zombies follows the canon of tower defense games, but it has its vision that combines addictive gameplay, comedy, and game interface.

The zombies have their style. Regular zombies have their own simple clothing, but later levels reveal the zombies differently. They can deal a lot of damage and take only one type of flower attack.

The adventure mode in Plants vs. Zombies is extended and provides hours of experience, and the quick play mode opens after the Adventure mode is completed.

Plant Life

The beginning of the game may seem very simple, but later the complexity increases, and playing Plants vs. Zombies becomes more difficult. The user should strike a balance between setting either defensive colors or those that will attack zombies.

Use plants to protect the house from incoming zombies. The different offensive and defensive types of plants and the vast number of zombies make the game more fun.


The game's graphic style is the recognizable PopCap style. The visual effects make Plants vs. Zombies for Android easier than it might seem at first glance. Each character here is perfectly designed for a comfortable experience.

Plants quickly have individual features, such as sunflowers that produce sunbeams and defensive plants.


Plants vs. Zombies game is considered one of the most significant game projects, hugely popular on smartphones and tablets. This affordable strategy game will provide the user with hours of engaging play.


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