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The description of PES 2017

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, commonly known as PES 2017, brings a new level of realism to the pitch with its \"Control Reality\" feature. This enhancement is Konami's latest attempt to outshine its longstanding rival, FIFA, in the world of soccer video games.

What can PES 2017 be used for?

PES 2017 is a football simulation game that allows players to take control of their favorite teams and players. Fans can engage in various modes, such as MyClub, Master League, and Become a Legend, or simply play quick matches or full leagues and tournaments. It's designed for soccer enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill and strategy of managing a football club to victory.

PES 2017 Tricks & Tips

Mastering PES 2017 requires practice and knowledge of its nuanced controls. Players should focus on learning dribbling techniques, timing for shots, and defensive maneuvers like jockeying. Customizing tactics before matches can give a strategic edge. Also, mastering the new first-touch system will greatly improve ball control, making it easier to navigate through tight defenses.

Benefits & Features

  • Real Touch – Players control the ball in unique ways based on where and how you control them.
  • Adaptive AI – The game learns how you play and adapts accordingly.
  • Natural Player Movement – Hundreds of new animations bring the players and goalkeepers to life.
  • Goalkeeping – Keepers see a great jump in quality through added motions and animations.
  • myClub – Build your team by acquiring players using accumulated GP or through microtransactions.
  • Advanced Instructions – Strategies can be set with great depth for individual players as well as the team.
  • Total Team Control – Users can instantly change the offensive and defensive tactics of the team.
  • Corner Kick Strategies – Control the defensive and offensive strategies on set pieces.


  • Enhanced realism with the \"Control Reality\" feature for an immersive experience.
  • Adaptive AI that learns from player's patterns.
  • Real Touch system that affects ball handling based on the player's skill.
  • Vastly improved goalkeepers with more realistic actions.


  • Lack of officially licensed teams compared to its competitors.
  • Online gameplay can sometimes be less stable.
  • Microtransactions can be intrusive for the MyClub mode.

With its groundbreaking \"Control Reality\" feature, PES 2017 provides a fresh and dynamic soccer gameplay experience. It stands out with its advanced AI and natural player movements, though it's not without its downsides, particularly when it comes to licensing and online play stability. However, for fans who prioritize gameplay depth and realism, PES 2017 is a strong contender on the virtual pitch.


Does PES 2017 have official team licenses?
While PES 2017 includes some officially licensed teams, it does not feature as many as its competitor, FIFA.

Can I play PES 2017 online?
Yes, PES 2017 offers online modes, but users may experience variability in connection stability.

Is the \"Control Reality\" feature really a game-changer?
The \"Control Reality\" feature in PES 2017 enhances the realism and responsiveness of the game, making it a significant advancement for the series.
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