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The description of PES 2016

PES 2016 for Windows, also known as Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, is a milestone for the series, hailed as the best iteration since the glory days of the PlayStation 2. However, despite its gameplay excellence, it falls short in the graphics department, not quite living up to the visual standards expected of modern football simulations.

What can PES 2016 be used for?

PES 2016 offers players an immersive football experience, allowing them to control a variety of teams in numerous leagues and competitions. It can be used for both single-player campaigns and multiplayer matches, providing an in-depth football simulation that caters to strategy, team management, and real-time gameplay.

PES 2016 Tricks & Tips

Mastering PES 2016 requires a blend of strategy and skill. Utilizing feints and subtle movements can outmaneuver opponents, while understanding individual player strengths can help in formulating effective team strategies. Mastering set pieces and learning advanced control techniques will also give players an edge over their competition.

Benefits & Features

  • Advanced Collision System: Improved player interaction for realistic challenges
  • Dynamic Weather: Weather conditions that can impact gameplay
  • Aerial Strength: A new emphasis on aerial duels and control
  • Improved Master League: An overhauled career mode offering deeper team management
  • MyClub: An online mode where players build and manage their own team


  • Engaging gameplay mechanics
  • Deep team management options
  • Enhanced player animations
  • Responsive controls


  • Subpar graphics compared to competitors
  • Lack of some official licenses
  • Commentary can be repetitive

Despite some graphical shortcomings, PES 2016 stands out for its gameplay quality, offering a football simulation that is both challenging and rewarding. It captures the essence of the sport with its advanced features and provides a robust platform for both solo and multiplayer gaming sessions.


Is PES 2016 suitable for casual gamers?
Yes, PES 2016 is accessible to casual gamers but also offers depth for those looking for a more involved experience.

Can I play PES 2016 online?
Yes, PES 2016 includes online modes such as MyClub where you can compete against others.

Does PES 2016 have all the official team licenses?
No, while it has many official licenses, PES 2016 lacks some, which is evident in the absence of certain team and league names.
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