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The description of PC OMR

PC OMR is a versatile forms-processing shareware designed for Windows, catering to the needs of tests and surveys. It eliminates the necessity for specialized OMR readers and pre-printed forms, instead utilizing common imaging devices to collect data from optical marks on plain paper. The software is efficient in grading tests, analyzing data, and exporting results to familiar formats such as Excel and Word. It supports various test forms to deter cheating and provides accurate readings quickly, ensuring a streamlined process for educators and survey conductors alike.

What can PC OMR be used for?

PC OMR is primarily used for automating the collection and analysis of data from tests and surveys. Educational institutions and organizations can utilize it to grade multiple-choice examinations, conduct surveys, and gather feedback without manual data entry. It is especially useful for processing large volumes of data swiftly and accurately.

PC OMR Tricks & Tips

To maximize the efficacy of PC OMR, users can print their own test forms on plain paper, use various forms to minimize instances of cheating, and take advantage of the software's compatibility with multiple imaging devices. Regular updates and familiarizing oneself with the software's full capabilities can also enhance the user experience.

Benefits & Features

  • Cost-effective solution with no need for special OMR readers or forms
  • Friendly interface that allows users to choose and print test forms
  • Automatically grades tests and provides detailed analysis
  • Exports data to Excel and Word for further processing or printing
  • Supports subjective questions in addition to multiple-choice
  • Prevents cheating by allowing different test forms in a single test
  • High accuracy and quick processing times
  • Compatible with a range of imaging equipment


  • Reduces the time and effort required to process tests and surveys
  • Eliminates the need for expensive proprietary equipment
  • Offers flexibility in the choice of hardware for data collection
  • Facilitates easy data management and analysis


  • May have a learning curve for users not familiar with OMR software
  • Dependent on the quality of the imaging equipment for accuracy

Your take on PC OMR

PC OMR stands out as an intelligent and cost-effective option for educational institutions and organizations looking to automate their data collection from paper-based tests and surveys. Its ability to work with a wide array of imaging equipment, coupled with the ease of printing test forms, makes it an accessible and efficient choice. While the software may require some initial learning, its speed, accuracy, and robust features likely outweigh any potential drawbacks.


Can PC OMR work with any scanner or camera?
Yes, PC OMR is designed to be compatible with a variety of imaging equipment including image scanners, PC cameras, webcams, digital cameras, and digital vidicons.

Is it possible to use PC OMR for tests with essay or subjective questions?
PC OMR does support tests with subjective questions, providing a comprehensive solution for various testing formats.

How fast can PC OMR process test forms?
The processing speed is impressive, with PC OMR reading one test form per second using a PC camera, and 2-15 seconds using an image scanner, depending on the scanner's performance.

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