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The description of Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is a powerful tool designed to help Windows PC users recover deleted files, whether they have been removed intentionally or by accident. It offers a comprehensive solution for searching and restoring files from both hard drives and removable drives. With the ability to filter by file type, location, size, name, and dates related to the file's creation and last viewing, Pandora Recovery stands out as a versatile and user-friendly option for data recovery.

What can Pandora Recovery be used for?

Pandora Recovery is primarily used for retrieving lost or deleted files. It can come in handy in various scenarios, such as recovering documents after an accidental deletion, salvaging files lost due to a system crash, or even restoring images and media from formatted or corrupted external storage devices like USB flash drives and memory cards.

Pandora Recovery Tricks & Tips

Maximizing the potential of Pandora Recovery involves some handy tricks and tips:

  • Use the 'Surface Scan' feature to find files that do not have their original file names.
  • Filter the search results by file attributes to narrow down the results and speed up the recovery process.
  • Take advantage of the preview function to check the integrity of files before recovering them.
  • Recover files to a different drive to avoid overwriting data that could still be recoverable.

Benefits & Features

  • Supports recovery from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes
  • Advanced filtering options to aid in locating specific files
  • Surface Scan feature helps recover files from formatted drives
  • Preview files before recovery to ensure the correct data is restored
  • User-friendly interface suitable for both novices and experts
  • Ability to recover archived, hidden, encrypted, and compressed files
  • Supports recovery of alternate data streams (ADS)
  • Offers a deep scan for more thorough recovery


  • Free to use with no upfront costs
  • Intuitive user interface simplifies the recovery process
  • Extensive search capabilities enhance file recovery chances
  • Portable version available that doesn’t require installation


  • May not recover all files, especially if the drive has been heavily used after deletion
  • Recovery success rate can vary depending on the condition of the drive
  • No Mac version available
  • Some advanced features may be challenging for beginners

Pandora Recovery proves to be a valuable asset for users in need of retrieving lost data. Its comprehensive search functionality and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for those who have lost important files and seek a reliable way to attempt recovery. While its effectiveness can be influenced by factors such as drive condition and user knowledge, it remains a potent tool for data restoration efforts.


Is Pandora Recovery capable of recovering all types of files?
Yes, Pandora Recovery supports a wide range of file types, including documents, photos, videos, and more.

Can Pandora Recovery restore files from a formatted drive?
Yes, the Surface Scan feature allows Pandora Recovery to find and restore files from drives that have been formatted.

Is it safe to recover files to the same drive they were deleted from?
No, it's recommended to recover files to a different drive to prevent data overwriting, which can reduce the chances of a successful recovery.

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