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The description of Opera Mail

Opera Mail stands as a robust email client for Windows users, offering an array of efficient capabilities. Though its interface may present a learning curve, it is designed to serve the needs of both casual and advanced users, ensuring a comprehensive email experience.

What can Opera Mail be used for?

Opera Mail is a versatile tool for managing multiple email accounts, newsgroups, and feeds. It's suitable for organizing messages, reading news, and keeping up with your subscriptions, all within one application. Whether for personal or professional use, Opera Mail streamlines communication and information consumption.

Opera Mail Tricks & Tips

To enhance your Opera Mail experience, consider these tricks and tips:

  • Utilize labels and filters to organize your inbox automatically.
  • Take advantage of the integrated spam filter to keep unwanted emails at bay.
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation and command execution.
  • Use the \"Low Bandwidth Mode\" to reduce data usage when needed.

Benefits & Features

  • Supports multiple email accounts
  • Integrated RSS feed reader
  • Customizable labels and filters
  • Intuitive message sorting and searching
  • Spam filtering and blocking capabilities
  • Attachment preview function
  • Offline access to downloaded emails
  • Flexible interface with themes and layouts


  • Free and lightweight application
  • Integrates with Opera browser for seamless workflow
  • Advanced message management and organization


  • Interface may be daunting for new users
  • Lacks some modern features found in newer email clients
  • Development has been discontinued, leading to potential security concerns

Final Words About Opera Mail

Opera Mail is a capable email client that excels in message organization and offers a built-in RSS reader for those who want to consolidate their communication and news into one platform. While it provides a wealth of features to enhance productivity, newcomers to the program may need time to adapt to its interface. Although no longer in active development, it remains a viable option for users loyal to the Opera ecosystem.


Is Opera Mail still supported?
Opera Mail is no longer actively developed, which means there are no new updates or official support available.

Can Opera Mail manage multiple email accounts?
Yes, Opera Mail can handle multiple email accounts, making it a convenient option for users with various email addresses.

Does Opera Mail have a built-in calendar?
No, Opera Mail does not include a calendar feature. It is primarily focused on email and news feed management.
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