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Programmers need a quality code editor to realize their talents fully. If you write code without highlighting syntax, selecting variables and objects, and many other auxiliary functions, it is straightforward to get confused in the large text. Apache NetBeans for Windows is a code editor with all the necessary functionality to make your work easier. We will tell you about it.

What is this program?

Apache NetBeans for Windows is a free, open-source code editor for software developers. This program provides all the tools needed to create professional desktop applications, corporate, mobile, and web apps on the Java platform, as well as on C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, and Ruby.

Primary features

This code editor has earned its popularity among developers of all categories due to its many advantages. We will tell you about the most important ones:

  • Apache NetBeans for Windows has a fully customizable workspace — you can customize the actions you perform using the panel, assign hotkeys, etc.;

  • an advanced multilingual editor for various programming languages, such as Java, C/C++, Ruby, Groovy, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, XML, HTML, RHTML, JSP, and Javadoc documentation is supported;

  • Apache NetBeans indents lines, checks brackets and words matching, and highlights source code syntax;

  • the program checks errors during input and displays options for code autocompletion and documentation fragments for the desired programming language;

  • this editor can generate and insert standard code fragments in Java or other languages into the source code;

  • a class browser allows you to view the hierarchy and structure of any Java class — interfaces, base classes, derived classes, and class members are displayed;

  • it is possible to move any editor tab within and outside the IDE workspace, creating an independent window that can be moved to a second screen;

  • the ability to group related projects — by creating groups of projects, you can quickly open and close multiple group projects at once.

Apache NetBeans for Windows is the only IDE that can satisfy both novice and experienced developers. The detailed instruction in the program guarantees a quick start for beginners.


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