Nero 2014 Platinum

Nero 2014 Platinum

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Nero 2014 Platinum Nero 2014 Platinum
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The description of Nero 2014 Platinum

Nero 2014 Platinum is a comprehensive suite designed for managing, creating, converting, playing, and burning multimedia files. This ultimate software package provides users with an advanced set of tools to handle movies, music, and photos, ensuring a top-tier entertainment experience both at home and on the go. With its fully integrated applications, users can achieve professional results with ease, making it an ideal companion for all multimedia-related tasks.

What can Nero 2014 Platinum be used for?

Offering a wide range of functionalities, Nero 2014 Platinum is versatile enough to serve a variety of multimedia purposes. It excels in ripping and converting Blu-ray Discs, DVD-Videos, and audio CDs to mobile devices or cloud storage with a single click. Users can indulge in high-quality video editing with Ultra HD (4K) support, manage their media files efficiently, and enjoy superior playback capabilities, including Blu-ray 3D discs. Additionally, the unique Nero Play to TV streaming feature enhances the viewing experience by allowing content to be streamed directly to a television.

Nero 2014 Platinum Tricks & Tips

Getting the most out of Nero 2014 Platinum is easy with a few tricks and tips. Start by exploring the full-screen graphic launcher interface, which simplifies project initiation and provides quick access to applications, tutorials, and tools. Take advantage of the powerful one-click ripping and conversion feature to effortlessly back up your media to mobile devices or the cloud. Don't forget to make use of the robust video editing tools, which support Ultra HD (4K) content and a vast array of effects to enhance your videos.

Benefits & Features

  • Ultimate ripping and conversion capabilities
  • Comprehensive editing and creation tools for professional results
  • All-round mobile device and cloud compatibility
  • Ultra HD (4K) video support
  • Full media management suite
  • Superior disc and file playback, including Blu-ray 3D
  • Nero Play to TV streaming for easy content sharing
  • Best-in-class burning to preserve your data


  • Wide array of multimedia functionalities in one suite
  • User-friendly full-screen launcher interface
  • High-quality video editing with 4K support
  • One-click conversion for quick and easy backups


  • May be overwhelming for beginners due to its vast features
  • High system requirements for utilizing all features effectively

Nero 2014 Platinum stands out as a comprehensive solution for users looking to manage and elevate their multimedia content. The suite's extensive features cater to both casual users and professionals, ensuring that whether it's for simple playback or complex editing, Nero 2014 Platinum delivers a quality experience.


Does Nero 2014 Platinum support Blu-ray creation?
Yes, it supports Blu-ray creation, allowing users to burn their high-definition content onto Blu-ray discs.

Can Nero 2014 Platinum stream media to my TV?
Indeed, with Nero Play to TV streaming, you can easily share content from your PC to your television.

Is there a mobile app available to complement the desktop suite?
While Nero 2014 Platinum primarily functions as a desktop suite, there may be associated apps for mobile devices that enhance the multimedia experience.
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