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Minesweeper is a logic puzzle video game available to install on Windows devices. There is a grid of clickable squares with hidden "mines" strewn throughout the board. The essence of this game is to clear the board but not to touch any mine. To accomplish this task, you can use the clues informing you about the number of mines nearby in each field. A player can select any variant of Minesweeper for Windows to play, such as Minesweeper X, Crossmines, and Minehunt.


As has already been mentioned, Minesweeper is a puzzle video game. Here, mines are scattered throughout the board. The board is divided into separate cells with three states: unopened, opened and flagged. The unopened cells are black so that you can click on them. The opened cells are exposed. The last type is flagged cells, which are marked. Players can keep the cell in order to show a likely location of the mine. As a player, you need to open a cell by selecting it.

If this cell is mined, the game is over. However, you will see a number pointing nearby or a blank tile in another case. In the last case, all adjacent mined cells without mines will be opened. Besides, you can also put a flag on a cell, indicating that you suppose the mine can be in that place. The flagged cells are still considered to be unopened. To win this game, you must open all non-mine cells without opening a mine. Important to mention that there is a timer recording the time taken to win the game of Minesweeper.

Variants of the game

There are various Variants of Minesweeper designed to add new game design elements. For example, there is Minesweeper X, which is a clone of the Microsoft version. This variant is more for those players who expect to reach a fast time. Also, there are Arbiter and Viennasweeper variants, which are clones. The Crossmines variant may seem more complicated than the rest because there are added linked mines and irregular blocks. BeTrapped is another version of Minesweeper that transposes the game into a mystery game set.


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Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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