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The description of Lipikar

Lipikar for Windows stands out as a desktop authoring tool that is uniquely tailored for creating text passages in various languages and scripts, regardless of keyboard layout. Its simplicity and flexibility make it an indispensable utility for users needing to type in non-standard ASCII characters.

What can Lipikar be used for?

Lipikar is particularly useful for users who need to type in languages that are not typically supported by their keyboard layouts. It's a boon for creating content in regional Indian languages such as Assamese, Bengali, and Tamil, as well as other non-English languages like Tibetan or Baluchi. With Lipikar, you can also craft artistic texts using special ASCII characters that standard text editors might not readily offer.

Lipikar Tricks & Tips

Maximize your use of Lipikar by familiarizing yourself with its character grid layout. This enables you to quickly find and select characters. Customize the grid as per your most frequently used characters to speed up your workflow. Remember that you can click characters in succession to form words and sentences, which can then be copied in bulk to your preferred word processor for further formatting.

Benefits & Features

  • Language and Keyboard Independence: Use with any installed font and type in any language or script.
  • Easy Character Grid Navigation: All ‘typeable’ characters are displayed in an easy-to-navigate grid.
  • Effortless Composition: Click to compose text, without the need for keystrokes or language-specific keyboards.
  • Bulk Transfer: Easily transfer your composed text to a word processor for further editing and formatting.
  • Support for a Wide Range of Languages: Ideal for Indian scripts and many other languages beyond English.


  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Supports a vast array of languages and scripts
  • No need for language-specific keyboard
  • Quick character selection and composition


  • Might require initial learning curve for new users
  • Limited functionality beyond character composition

Lipikar offers a straightforward solution for text composition in diverse languages, bridging the gap between user and non-standard ASCII characters. Its character grid system makes it an efficient tool for those who often find themselves toggling between different languages, scripts, or special characters. By allowing a seamless transition of text into more complex word processors, Lipikar empowers users to focus on content creation without being hindered by technical constraints.


Is Lipikar suitable for all Windows versions?
Lipikar is designed to work with Windows™ systems, though compatibility with the latest Windows versions should be checked on the official Lipikar website.

Can Lipikar be used for professional typography?
While Lipikar is adept at composing text with special characters, professional typography might require more advanced software with extensive layout and formatting capabilities.

Does Lipikar support left-to-right scripts?
Yes, Lipikar supports both left-to-right and right-to-left scripts, making it versatile for various linguistic needs.
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