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Kutools for Excel includes more than 100 powerful functions and tools for Microsoft Excel. It frees you from time-consuming operations.

Some of key features are as follows.
1. Navigation Pane: list all workbooks, worksheets, columns and names in a side pane. User can quickly switch from one sheet to another sheet.
2. Work Area Size: maximize the work area of Excel window to view more Excel data.
3. Toggle Settings: show or hide the Excel Built-in Menus, Grid Lines, Scroll Bar, Sheet Tabs, Formula Bar, Status Bar and Zero Value.
4. Show/Hide: a collection of tools allows you to quickly show or hide the workbooks, worksheets and ranges.
5. Text Tools: embodies a lot of handy operations to manipulate the text in cells, like easily change case of the text, add text to a specified character position of the text, remove spaces and characters of a particular type from the text.
6. Workbook Tools: Merge and split Excel workbooks, Backup current workbook, Open containing folder and Auto open Those Workbooks Next Time.
7. Worksheet Tools: Synchronize worksheets, Sort worksheets, Rename multiple worksheets, Create List of Sheet Names, Copy/New Multiple Worksheets, Create Sequence Worksheets, Perpetual Calendar and Delete Blank Worksheets.
8. Select Tools: select cells with Max, Min or error value, Select Specific Cells and the cells with format.
9. Delete Tools: Delete Charts, Pictures, Lines, Auto Shapes, Smart Arts, Text Box and Embedded OLE Objects.
10. Import/Export: Export a range of data to a new file or as a graphic, Filename List allows you to create a new workbook with a list of file names for a directory, and hyperlinks can be added to the file names for easy navigation.
11. More features please visit the web site of Kutools for Excel.


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KuTools for Excel
KuTools for Excel
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