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The description of Kundli

Kundli for Windows is a powerful astrology software that has garnered attention for its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. Developed by Durlabh Computers, Kundli is designed to perform a variety of astrological calculations with high accuracy, offering a preview of horoscopes and modules from its extensive database. It is Y2K compatible and provides users with essential details for interpreting various astrological charts.

What can Kundli be used for?

Kundli software is utilized for forecasting earthly and human events by studying the positions of stars, planets, the Sun, and the Moon. It serves as a tool for astrologers to create birth charts, match horoscopes for marriage compatibility, and offer predictions about an individual's future and personality traits based on their astrological signs.

Kundli Tricks & Tips

To maximize the use of Kundli, users should familiarize themselves with its numerous features and settings. Understanding the significance of different astrological houses, signs, and planetary alignments can enhance the accuracy of predictions. Regularly updating the software ensures access to the latest astrological data and interpretations.

Benefits & Features

  • Nice-looking presentation
  • One of the most accurate astrological calculations
  • Screen preview feature for easy navigation
  • Storage for horoscopes and modules for future reference


  • User-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Comprehensive database for extensive astrological research
  • High-level accuracy in calculations and predictions


  • May require a steep learning curve for those new to astrology
  • Dependence on software updates for the most accurate data

Kundli for Windows stands out as a valuable resource for anyone interested in the practice of astrology. Its well-designed interface, combined with its accurate calculations and storage capabilities, makes it an indispensable tool for astrological consultations. Whether for personal use or professional purposes, Kundli delivers reliable and insightful astrological information.


Q: Is Kundli software suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, Kundli has a user-friendly interface that is accessible for beginners, but it also offers the depth required by professional astrologers.

Q: Can Kundli help with marriage compatibility?
A: Absolutely, Kundli is capable of matching horoscopes to assess marriage compatibility, which is a common practice in Vedic astrology.

Q: Does the software need to be updated regularly?
A: For the best results and access to the latest features, it is advisable to keep the Kundli software updated to the most current version.

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