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Insaniquarium Review

Insaniquarium is a cartoony puzzle game for Windows users, mainly designed and programmed by George Fan and published by PopCap Games. This virtual pets simulator is centered around a brightly-colored aquarium and combines action, strategy, and puzzle video games. The essence of the game is to manage a tank of guppies and other aquatic creatures. Each stage begins with two guppies in the tank.


Insaniquarium is a virtual pet simulator. As mentioned before, a player must maintain a tank full of fish in this game while protecting it from alien attacks. Each stage of the game starts with two guppies in the tank, where these guppies, together with other fish, drop some coins. You can collect these coins in order to buy some food for fish.

Besides, you can also purchase various in-game upgrades, for example, a wide range of aquatic creatures or laser upgrades to reflect the attacks more effectively. However, the coins need to be collected before reaching the tank's bottom. Otherwise, they will disappear, and you will be unable to take them back. Along with collecting coins, you must also feed the creatures to save their lives. And interestingly, each type of fish requires a unique method of feeding. Apart from providing fish and collecting coins, it would be best if you protected your beings from aliens, who will try to eat the fish.

Modes of the game

There are various modes of Insaniquarium to play. The first one is Adventure mode. Here, the player advances through four tanks, each of which has five levels to pass. The player's task on each level is to earn enough money to buy three egg pieces. And you will get a new pet from the egg at the end of each tank level. Curiously, these pats can help you during gameplay. After completing the Adventure mode, you will start the Time Trial mode. Here is a time limit, and you must collect as many coins as possible before running out of time.

The Challenge mode involves more complicated levels, where you must fight more difficult waves of aliens and take care of your pets simultaneously. And don't forget to unlock the pieces to the egg too! This mode is for more advanced users. In addition, there is Virtual Tank Mode, a Deluxe version mode. Here you can grow fish as well as collect shells, which you can use to buy unique fish. Besides, it offers a wide range of exciting upgrades.


Insaniquarium Deluxe is one of the most engaging aquarium games for Windows users around the globe. All you have to do is to feed your fish, collect coins, and protect against the aliens. This cartoony puzzle game is the key to a beautiful pastime with your family or friends.


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