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Are you looking for an alternative to such programs as Skype? Okay, then you found one of the best. Along with text messages and voice or video calls, Imo also sends any files from images to videos or GIFs. And you don't have to pay for this opportunity! Just have access to the Internet.

Are calls or messages available here?

And calls and messages! Imo can be installed on multiple devices so that this service can replace the usual features of the phone, even on a computer.

You can also create a group for your contacts, where all users will receive notifications and call notifications. Both voice and video calls are available in the group settings.

Can I send files to my friends?

You can attach a file of any type. This is handy when you want to share photos or videos with your family or friends. The quality of the sent files is kept as good as possible, which is also essential.

Are stickers paid here?

You can easily express your emotions through stickers, in Imo. Surprised, happy, sad, and even evil faces will convey your mood better than emojis on the keyboard. Many free stickers are available.

Is it safe?

Imo is encrypted, so third-party sites cannot access your data. However, the Imo Terms of Service do not mention any encryption services for your voice or video calls or account security.

Why haven't I heard of this program before?

Unfortunately, Imo is not a popular program. So you can tell your friends about it, and invite them to chat with you here. This can be an excellent opportunity for a secret chat with a person, and if suddenly someone wants to read your correspondence on the phone - they will not understand that this program has a chat.

What about privacy?

Your content is stored on the server, so we recommend that you read Imo's privacy policy before using it to avoid misunderstandings.

Are the video calls high quality?

Imo is a high-quality voice and video call, and you can be sure of that. This is the main feature of this service.

Do I need a stable Wi-Fi connection?

You do not need super-fast Internet to use Imo because it can work with any Internet signal. Calls work even on older devices that run in the 4G to 2Grange. This is very useful in small towns and villages, where not everywhere there is quality Internet coverage.


Communicate with friends and relatives, as the overall quality of Imo is superior to alternatives. We recommend that you use this program for everyday messaging. However, this program should not be used for business or private use due to a lack of security.


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