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IGI 2: Covert Strike Review

Do you like spy games and covert missions? If yes, you will go on a fascinating adventure as David Jones, a professional paratrooper who has been sent behind enemy lines to prevent the outbreak of World War III. The action takes place on the territory of China that a terrorist organization has long seized. You have to penetrate this territory, try to use all your abilities properly, and destroy the key targets. Time is limited, and you must act as quickly as possible. Otherwise, a sad outcome is inevitable.

What is this game?

IGI 2: Covert Strike is a scandalous PC project from Innerloop Studios. Codemasters published it. The full version of this three-dimensional action shooter is still banned in China, as this product allegedly mocks the image of the Chinese military. You will play special agent David Jones, a past paratrooper of the SAS Special Forces. Although he deals with enemies alone, he still has three loyal companions: disguise skills, well-developed tactical thinking, and advanced weaponry. With these skills and weapons, the protagonist has to do everything to avoid the outbreak of World War III by destroying the terrorists' plans.


The gameplay is presented in a first-person shooter format where you must use various weapons, tactically plan missions, and remember to use stealth. Missions are offered in multiple formats, ranging from investigation and document theft to large-scale sabotage and the destruction of critical targets. It would be best not to relax because you will have to work in various unpleasant conditions. In any case, you should be ready to perform the most difficult tasks and try to survive because more work awaits you in the future.

Use the available information, don't give your enemies a chance, and just do your job. Sometimes you'll have to sneak past the guards, work as a sniper, or penetrate the enemy's structures. Terrorists have become too powerful, so it's time to solve this problem before it's too late.

Primary gameplay features of this game:

  • Various weapons, both primary and secondary, such as the SVD, M1014, SOCOM, G36, G11, RPG-7, and machine gun;

  • Multiplayer mode for up to 16 players in the match. There is a team fight, a battle to the death, and cooperative tasks;

  • Firefights take place in rugged mountains, hot deserts, abandoned mines, and city streets;

  • The stealth system and additional gadgets can help you to move unnoticed, track enemies, and neutralize them quietly.

What's great about this game?

This game allows you to visit different parts of the planet. You will go through missions in mines, noisy metropolises, etc. The setting in this game changes from mission to mission, and the game offers something new each time. You'll have all sorts of weaponry, used mainly by the British secret service. There are also foreign weapons. You can shoot with the Dragunov sniper rifle, take hold of the RPG-7, shoot your enemies with a machine gun, test various assault rifles, and more. Moreover, lots of spy gadgets await you.

Complete various missions, solve complex tasks behind enemy lines, sneak into terrorist-protected facilities, eliminate essential targets, unlock new guns, and do everything possible to prevent World War III.


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IGI 2: Covert Strike
IGI 2: Covert Strike
IGI 2: Covert Strike
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