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The description of Examine32 Text Search

Examine32 Text Search is a comprehensive utility designed for Windows users who need to search for text within a variety of file formats. This versatile tool is not just limited to plain text files; it can perform searches in binary files as well. Utilizing GREP-like regular expressions and standard UNIX search utility concepts, it allows for advanced search queries with logical operators such as OR, AND, NOT, and XOR. Additionally, the software offers the ability to search within ZIP archives and is compatible with a wide range of file formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, and many others. Users can execute searches across multiple network drives, confine them to a single folder, or even select specific files and folders through Windows Explorer for targeted searching.

What can Examine32 Text Search be used for?

Examine32 Text Search is particularly useful for professionals and individuals who need to sift through large volumes of documents or code. It can be used for tasks such as:

  • Finding specific phrases or code snippets within source files or documents.
  • Reviewing logs and reports for particular entries.
  • Searching for occurrences of a word or pattern in legal documents, manuscripts, or research papers.
  • Conducting comprehensive audits of document sets for compliance or quality assurance purposes.

Examine32 Text Search Tricks & Tips

To make the most out of Examine32 Text Search, consider these tricks and tips:

  • Utilize regular expressions to refine your search and find complex patterns.
  • Use the logical operators to combine different search queries and narrow down results.
  • Save frequently used searches to streamline your workflow.
  • Customize the search settings to ignore case sensitivity or to include/exclude specific file types.
  • Take advantage of the context menu integration to quickly search files directly from Windows Explorer.

Benefits & Features

  • Fast and versatile search capabilities across various file types.
  • Ability to use GREP-like regular expressions for complex searches.
  • Logical operators (OR, AND, NOT, XOR) with a specified search proximity for precise results.
  • Search functionality within ZIP archives.
  • Support for multiple file formats such as Word, PDF, HTML, and others.
  • Option to search across network drives or limit to specific folders.
  • Integration with Windows Explorer for ease of use.
  • Search results can be saved or printed for record-keeping.


  • Extensive file format support broadens the tool’s usefulness.
  • Advanced search capabilities cater to power users.
  • Windows Explorer integration simplifies the search process.


  • The user interface may be intimidating for beginners.
  • Regular expressions require a learning curve to use effectively.

Examine32 Text Search stands out as a powerful tool for anyone who requires deep and detailed text searching capabilities on their Windows device. Its comprehensive support for a variety of file formats and advanced search functionalities make it an essential utility for data analysts, developers, and document-heavy professions. Although the interface and complex features may present a challenge to novice users, the powerful search potential it offers is undeniable.


Is Examine32 Text Search suitable for searching through emails?
While Examine32 Text Search does not search emails directly, it can search through exported email formats if they are saved in a supported file format.

Can Examine32 Text Search handle searches in multiple languages?
Yes, Examine32 Text Search can handle text in multiple languages, provided that the text is encoded in a supported format.

Is there a way to automate repetitive searches with Examine32 Text Search?
Yes, users can save search criteria for repetitive use, aiding in automation and efficiency.
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