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The description of Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser is a specialized version of the popular Google Chrome browser, designed with a strong emphasis on user privacy and security. It aims to shield users from the pervasive tracking commonly encountered on the internet. By focusing on privacy, Epic Browser ensures that users' online activities are kept confidential and secure from prying eyes.

What can Epic Privacy Browser be used for?

The Epic Privacy Browser is ideal for those who wish to browse the internet without leaving traces of their activities. It can be used for secure online banking, private shopping, and anonymous browsing. It's also beneficial for users looking to circumvent tracking and profiling by advertisers and websites.

Epic Privacy Browser Tricks & Tips

Maximize Epic’s privacy settings by exploring its built-in encrypted proxy which can hide your IP address. Utilize the \"Do Not Track\" feature and regularly clear your browsing data to further enhance your privacy. Take advantage of its one-click functionality to access these privacy features efficiently.

Benefits & Features

  • Based on the popular Google Chrome browser
  • Blocks ads and trackers by default
  • One-click encrypted proxy for IP address protection
  • \"Do Not Track\" feature actively enforced
  • Automatic data deletion after each session
  • Fingerprinting protection
  • No data collection by the browser
  • Integrated with a free VPN service


  • Enhanced privacy and security compared to standard browsers
  • User-friendly interface with familiar Chrome-like functionality
  • Free to use with no subscription fees
  • Regularly updated to address emerging security threats


  • Some websites may not load properly due to strict privacy measures
  • May have fewer features than other mainstream browsers
  • Limited extension support as compared to Chrome
  • Use of a VPN service may slow down internet speeds

Epic Privacy Browser is a robust tool for anyone seeking to protect their online privacy. It stands out with its array of features focused on maintaining user anonymity. While it may not have the extensive add-on catalog that Chrome offers, it compensates with its strong privacy protection measures. The browser is a solid choice for security-conscious users, though it might not cater to everyone's needs, especially if compatibility and speed are top priorities.


Is Epic Privacy Browser free?

Yes, Epic Privacy Browser is completely free to download and use.

Does Epic Privacy Browser store my browsing history?

No, Epic Privacy Browser automatically deletes your browsing history after each session to ensure your privacy is maintained.

Can I use Chrome extensions with Epic Privacy Browser?

Epic Privacy Browser has limited support for extensions to prevent potential privacy leaks, so not all Chrome extensions may be compatible.

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