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The description of EasyWorship

EasyWorship is a church presentation software designed to assist ministers and technical operators in creating engaging worship experiences. With EasyWorship on Windows, users can easily manage bibles, songs, and media, streamlining the process of displaying lyrics and scriptures during services. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies accessing song libraries and numerous Bible translations, making it a must-have tool for worship gatherings.

What can EasyWorship be used for?

EasyWorship serves as a comprehensive solution for managing church presentations. It aids in projecting scriptures, song lyrics, videos, and alerts during worship services. The platform is ideal for displaying religious content, handling live feeds, and enhancing worship with visual media. It's also tailored for sending on-screen messages, such as nursery alerts to parents.

EasyWorship Tricks & Tips

To make the most of EasyWorship, users should take advantage of its seamless integration with CCLI's SongSelect, which allows for quick import of song lyrics directly into the service schedule. Utilizing the Logo, Black, and Clear buttons can help in mastering smooth transitions between slides and service elements. Learning the keyboard shortcuts can also significantly speed up the workflow during live presentations.

Benefits & Features

  • Drag-and-drop access to song libraries and Bible translations
  • Intuitive organization of media libraries for quick retrieval
  • Smooth transitions with Logo, Black, Clear buttons, and over 100 effects
  • Direct import of lyrics from CCLI's SongSelect
  • Customizable on-screen Nursery and Message Alerts for communication


  • Enhances worship services with easy access to a vast array of resources
  • Simplifies presentation management with an organized media library
  • Facilitates seamless transitions to maintain a focused worship atmosphere
  • Integrates with SongSelect to eliminate manual lyric entry
  • Offers the ability to send real-time alerts and messages to the congregation


  • May require initial training to fully utilize all features
  • Dependent on subscription for full access to premium features
  • Limited to Windows OS, potentially excluding users on other platforms

EasyWorship: A Tool to Elevate Worship Services

With its comprehensive set of features, EasyWorship stands out as a powerful ally for churches seeking to create immersive worship experiences. By offering instant access to scriptures and songs, as well as a host of media options for service presentations, EasyWorship equips worship teams with the tools necessary to captivate and engage congregations.


Is EasyWorship user-friendly for volunteers?
Yes, EasyWorship's interface is designed to be intuitive, making it accessible for volunteers with minimal training.

Can EasyWorship support multiple display outputs?
EasyWorship supports multiple outputs, allowing different content to be shown on the congregation screen and stage display.

Are updates included in the EasyWorship subscription?
Updates are typically included as part of the subscription, ensuring users have access to the latest features and improvements.
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