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The description of Easy Web Cam

Easy Web Cam is a feature-rich webcam application designed for Windows users. It provides a seamless interface that requires minimal setup to operate 'Out of the box'. The software stands out with its 'Live Video feed' capability and 'motion detection' functions, making it unnecessary to look for alternative webcam solutions. Users can receive 'email alerts' upon motion detection, upload footage to any FTP server, or use the provided FREE web space. Despite its simplicity, advanced settings are available for those who wish to fine-tune image properties.

Additionally, integration with X10 home automation modules allows for remote home management, and compatibility with WAP-enabled mobile phones and PDAs offers remote viewing options. The 'Whos Watching you' feature adds a layer of security by displaying pop-up windows during server use, and the day's events can be reviewed through a 'slide show' feature.

What can Easy Web Cam be used for?

Easy Web Cam serves a multitude of purposes, from basic video chatting to advanced home security monitoring. It is ideal for users who want to set up a live video feed for personal or business use, monitor their premises for security reasons, and remotely control home automation systems. The software's ability to archive images and provide online viewing makes it a handy tool for creating time-lapse videos or monitoring areas of interest in real-time.

Easy Web Cam Tricks & Tips

To make the most out of Easy Web Cam, explore the advanced settings for customized image manipulation. Set up motion detection sensitivity according to your needs, and use the email alert system to stay informed of any activity. Customize the uploaded HTML page to fit your personal style or requirements, and use the Gallery feature to manage your online image archive efficiently. For home automation, familiarize yourself with the X10 integration to control your devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Benefits & Features

  • Live Video Feed - Stream real-time video effortlessly.
  • Motion Detection - Receive alerts and monitor activity.
  • Email Alerts - Stay informed of detected movements.
  • FTP Upload - Conveniently store footage off-site.
  • FREE Web Space - Host your webcam feed without extra costs.
  • Advanced Image Settings - Fine-tune your video output.
  • X10 Home Automation Control - Manage your home remotely.
  • Remote Viewing - Access your webcam via mobile devices.
  • Security Monitoring - Know who is watching your live feed.
  • Slide Show Feature - Review the day’s activities with ease.


  • User-friendly interface that's easy to navigate.
  • No need for complex configuration to get started.
  • Comprehensive features that cater to various use cases.
  • Remote home automation and viewing capabilities.


  • May not support all webcam models or brands.
  • Advanced features may require a learning curve for new users.

Final Words

Easy Web Cam is a versatile and powerful tool that serves as much more than just a webcam software. Its array of features provides functionality that can adapt to both casual and sophisticated user needs. Whether it's for simple video calls or comprehensive home surveillance, Easy Web Cam is equipped to handle the task with ease. Its integration with home automation and remote viewing capabilities further extend its usability, making it a worthy investment for anyone looking to maximize their webcam's potential.


Can I use Easy Web Cam for streaming live video to the public?
Yes, Easy Web Cam's live video feed feature allows for public streaming, and you can customize the HTML page for your audience.

Is it possible to save recorded videos from the motion detection feature?
Absolutely, motion-detected footage can be saved locally, uploaded to FTP, or stored in the provided FREE web space for later review.

Does Easy Web Cam support remote viewing on all mobile devices?
It supports remote viewing on WAP-enabled mobile phones and PDAs, providing flexible access to your webcam feed while on the go.

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