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Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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The description of DuckDuckGo Plus

DuckDuckGo Plus is an extension for Windows users seeking an alternative search engine experience that prioritizes privacy. By integrating with your browser, DuckDuckGo Plus ensures that your online searches do not track you, while also providing convenient tools for a more efficient browsing experience.

What can DuckDuckGo Plus be used for?

DuckDuckGo Plus can be used for secure and private web searches. It replaces the default search engine and address bar in your browser with DuckDuckGo, ensuring that your search history remains private. Additionally, the extension offers quick access to !bang tags for streamlined searching across other sites, and brings DuckDuckGo's instant answers right to your Google and Bing searches.

DuckDuckGo Plus Tricks & Tips

To maximize the utility of DuckDuckGo Plus, familiarize yourself with its !bang tags, which allow you to search directly within other websites from your address bar. For example, typing \"!w space\" will search Wikipedia for \"space\". Additionally, take advantage of the instant answers feature that provides concise responses to queries without the need to click through search results.

Benefits & Features

  • Does not track your search activity or history
  • Replaces default search engine to DuckDuckGo for privacy
  • Adds a convenient toolbar button for DuckDuckGo searches
  • Enables quick access to !bang tags for efficient searching
  • Provides DuckDuckGo's instant answers in Google/Bing search results


  • Enhances privacy by preventing tracking of searches
  • Simple integration with the browser
  • Instant answers save time on common queries
  • !bang tags simplify searching across multiple sites


  • May not provide as personalized results as other search engines
  • Limited to DuckDuckGo's own search algorithms and databases

For those concerned with online privacy, DuckDuckGo Plus is a valuable browser extension for Windows that offers a search experience free from tracking, with additional features that enhance search efficiency. Its focus on user privacy without compromising on functionality makes it an appealing choice for many internet users.


Is DuckDuckGo Plus free to use?
Yes, DuckDuckGo Plus is a free extension that you can add to your browser.

Can DuckDuckGo Plus replace my current search engine on all browsers?
DuckDuckGo Plus can be set as the default search engine in most major browsers.

Does DuckDuckGo Plus store any personal information?
No, DuckDuckGo Plus does not store personal information or track your search history.
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