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The description of DreamScene Seven

DreamScene Seven is a utility that revives the DreamScene feature from Windows Vista, enabling users to set video wallpapers in .wmv or .mpeg format as their desktop background. While Windows 7 opted for a wallpaper slideshow, DreamScene Seven allows users to bring back the dynamic backgrounds by simply downloading the utility and running it with administrative privileges. After installation, users can easily set videos as their desktop wallpaper by right-clicking the video file and selecting the new 'Set as Desktop Background' option. The DreamScene gallery offers a vast selection of over a hundred scenes to personalize your desktop experience.

What can DreamScene Seven be used for?

DreamScene Seven transforms a static desktop into a lively and dynamic environment. It can be used to personalize the Windows desktop with motion wallpapers, making it more visually appealing. Whether it's for personal enjoyment, to create a specific atmosphere, or to make a visual statement, DreamScene Seven is a tool for anyone looking to enhance their desktop with video backgrounds.

DreamScene Seven Tricks & Tips

To get the most out of DreamScene Seven, here are some useful tricks and tips: - Use high-quality video clips to ensure a crisp and clear desktop background. - Consider the length and size of the videos to avoid excessive system resource usage. - Select looping videos for a seamless background effect. - Adjust the desktop icon text color for readability against your dynamic background. - Keep your desktop organized to avoid clutter that may detract from the video wallpaper.

Benefits & Features

  • Revives the DreamScene feature for Windows 7 users
  • Allows setting videos as desktop wallpapers
  • Supports .wmv and .mpeg video formats
  • Simple installation with administrative privileges
  • Easy to use context menu integration
  • Access to a large gallery with over a hundred video scenes
  • Personalizes desktop experience with dynamic backgrounds


  • Brings life to the desktop with motion wallpapers
  • Wide variety of scenes available in the gallery
  • Easy to set up and use


  • May increase CPU usage with high-resolution videos
  • Not natively supported by Windows 7 without the utility

Final Thoughts on DreamScene Seven

DreamScene Seven is a delightful tool for those looking to enhance their desktop with video wallpapers. It effectively resurrects a beloved feature from Windows Vista and introduces it to Windows 7 users. The ease of installation and use, coupled with a generous selection of video backgrounds, makes DreamScene Seven a worthy addition for personalizing one's computing environment. While it may have some impact on system performance, the benefits of having a dynamic and engaging desktop could outweigh this consideration for many users.


Is DreamScene Seven compatible with all versions of Windows 7?
Yes, DreamScene Seven is designed to work with Windows 7. However, it requires administrative privileges for installation.

Does DreamScene Seven support all video formats?
While DreamScene Seven primarily supports .wmv and .mpeg video formats, these are commonly used formats for video wallpapers.

Can DreamScene Seven cause a decrease in system performance?
Depending on the video resolution and length, DreamScene Seven can increase CPU usage, which may affect system performance on less powerful machines.

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