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Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z
Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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The description of Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z for Windows is a dynamic freeware combat game that delights fans of the iconic anime series. With the chance to play as your favorite Dragon Ball characters, this game offers an immersive arcade fighter experience with four engaging modes: arcade, versus, team battles, and training. Built on the robust M.U.G.E.N game engine, it combines classic fighting gameplay with the unique flair of the Dragon Ball universe.

What can Dragon Ball Z be used for?

The game provides a platform for both casual and hardcore fans of fighting games to engage in intense combat. Players can relive the epic battles from the anime, pit their favorite characters against each other, or simply improve their fighting skills in training mode.

Dragon Ball Z Tricks & Tips

Mastering combos and understanding the special moves of each character can significantly improve your gameplay. Utilizing training mode to practice these techniques is highly recommended. Knowing when to defend and counterattack can turn the tide in any battle. Additionally, don't forget to make use of the team battles to develop strategies that leverage the synergies between different characters.

Benefits & Features

  • Free to play with no hidden costs
  • Wide selection of Dragon Ball characters to choose from
  • Four different game modes for varied gameplay
  • Powered by the M.U.G.E.N engine, ensuring smooth and responsive combat
  • Training mode available to practice and hone your skills
  • Flexible for either solo play or against friends in versus mode
  • Authentic Dragon Ball experience with character-specific moves and transformations


  • No need for in-app purchases; completely free
  • Engaging for Dragon Ball fans and fighting game enthusiasts alike
  • Multiple game modes keep the gameplay fresh and interesting
  • Accessible to players of all skill levels


  • Limited graphics quality compared to modern fighting games
  • May not offer as much depth as commercial fighting games
  • No official updates or support as it's freeware

Dragon Ball Z for Windows stands out as a commendable freeware title that delivers a genuine Dragon Ball fighting experience. With its variety of modes and the charm of being able to step into the shoes of beloved characters, it's a game that can easily provide hours of entertainment without any cost.


Is Dragon Ball Z for Windows officially licensed by the creators of Dragon Ball?
No, it is not an officially licensed product but a fan-made game developed using the M.U.G.E.N engine.

Can I play Dragon Ball Z on Windows with a controller?
Yes, the game supports controller use, which can enhance your gameplay experience.

Are there any updates or patches available for the game?
As a freeware title, it doesn't receive official updates or support, but there may be fan-made patches available online.

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