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Google Chrome is the most popular browser among many. It's easy to use because it has robust navigation, security, synchronization of preferences across devices, useful extensions, a built-in manager, and a password generator.

Chrome advantage

The significant advantage of Google Chrome 32-bit is Chrome's well-designed user interface. Through icons, the browser gives the user the window space to focus on the website. The top bar of the window is equipped with tabs. The user can quickly move tabs to new windows. Below that, navigation elements are displayed as handy icons (Back, Forward, Reload, Home, search/address bar, and options).

When you open a new tab, the cursor is baselined to search. Type a query into the Chrome command line to start searching for the information you need through Google.

Chrome 32-bit syncs with the user account that gets the main Google products (Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Docs).

Main features

  • Extensions. New extensions (plug-ins) constantly appear in Chrome and accrue by the thousands. You can add these programs to Chrome 32-bit to change your features. Plug-ins range from functionality (ad blocking, privacy, and so on) to a tab consolidator. You can also find aesthetic mods to change the browser's appearance here.

  • Incognito and Guest Modes. Google Chrome gives users the ability to hide their activities. Incognito mode can disable browsing history with web caching. Guest mode similarly does not save browser history with cookies.

  • Password Manager. This browser feature is handy. When a user has an account with many sites and services, keeping track of account information is challenging. Chrome offers to secure your account by adding randomized passwords.

  • Security. Chrome has built-in anti-malware phishing features. If Chrome won't let you log in to a specific site, the security feature is working.


Google Chrome 32-bit is an intuitive, elegant, secure browser complete with many extensions. The browser integrates with your Google account to block ads and Adobe Flash, and Chrome can manage and offer passwords, incognito mode, and more. Google Chrome meets all the requirements of today's best browser.


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